Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 Unlockables

Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
King Of The Skull ServantsDefeat Skull Servant In World 1 5 Times
Curse Of VampireTalk To Gigobyte And Defeat Curse Of Vampire
Elemental Hero Lady HeatDefeat Elemental Hero Knospe 5 Times
Water DragonDeafet Karyiu-Shin 5 Times
Bastion MisawaDefeat Amazoness Paladin With All 13 Decks
Yami BakuraUse Traps 500 Times
Mai ValentineUse Spells 750 Times
Bandit KeithSummon 1,000 Times
Isis IshtarAccumulate 100 Hours Of Gameplay
Dark Magician GirlDefeat 5 Times Ebon Magian Curran
Reaper on the NightmareDefeat Nightmare Penguin
Malik IshtarAcummulate 200 Hours Of Gameplay
Yubel and Marcel Bonaparte (Tag Duel)Earn and keep 10,000 DP
SabersaurusDefeat Kabazaulus 5 times in world of Sunlight
SilpheedDefeat Sonic Shooter 5 times in world of Grace
Syrus TruesdaleBeat all Guardian - Embust's challenges
Maximillion PegasusBeat all Guardian Sphinx's Duel Puzzles