Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory User Reviews


If you like the series

The good:

Lots of Cards
Lots of Packs
Quite Challenging

The bad:

No God Cards
Quite a few well known cards missing


This is a good game, especially if you are a fan of the series or if you duel, it does not have a Tutorial so if you dont know how to play it will be very challenging to play. There are lots of packs and cards to collect so there are numerous combos that you can use, unfortunatly there is no God Cards! this can be quite a put off for some people but it is still fun without them, it is a very repetitive game, as its just duel after duel, but like i said it is very good if you are a fan, there are alot of well known cards missing aswell. Overall it is a very good game if you like the series i...


A Must Have For Duelists Everywhere


YGO: 7 Trials to Glory is quite easily one of the best dueling games ever to make it to the US.

Now that players are allowed to make more than one single deck, it allows a whole new way to play on hand helds, since you won't have to disassemble and reconstructan entire deck to see if how different tactics effect gameplay against different AI in the game.

The AI themselves are all quite challenging, which is a big step up from past games. While there are easier duelist lurking about (which appear and disappear on different days), there aren't any duelists that are laughably easy. Each one ...

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