Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubadour Cheats

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubadour cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubadour cheat codes.


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3 Winged Kuribohs
If you have Yu-gi-oh GX Duel Academy, insert it into the GBA slot of your DS, now turn on Nightmare Troubadour and start your game. Now a message will appear and say you have received 3 copies of Winged Kuriboh.
beat the game
the only way to beat marik is to beat him with the god card you chose
Blue Medicine's Effect
If you've ever gotten the card: Blue Medicine, the card's effect on the game says that it will recover both you AND your opponent's Life Points. But when you activate it, it only heals YOUR Life Points. So now you can use it without the fear of regaining your opponent's Life Points.
Deck Destruction Virus (typo)
Even though the text of the card states the fiend monster with 500 or less atk has to be destroyed in battle, and it sends 10 cards from the opponent's deck to the graveyard.
The actual effect the computer uses is tributing 1 dark monster of 1000 atk or less, then for 3 turns any monnster with 1500 atk or higher on your side of the field, hand and draws are destroyed.

Totally different from the text it displays in the game.
Disappearing Pegasus
If you are playing the U.S. version of the game, Pegasus will no longer appear after defeating Odion due to a bug in the game, so get his deck recipe and trade cards with him before he leaves or you'll be stuck with an incomplete file.
get exodia at level 4!
just save up your kc points up to 10,000 (i know it takes long but it works)then buy only the packs with the exodia head on the top and buy all of them and you get 1 part of exodia each game day until you got exodia the forbiden one!
Magic Deck
If u want a good magician's deck, u will need Yami, dark magician(2), dark magician girl(1), and magician's troubadour(3). These cardsare the perfect combination for a magician deck. i've never lostbecause of these cards. You can get these cards in the booster pack with dark magician girl on the front.:-D
Night Without Dueling
If you must make it night, and you dont feel like dueling, go to the first city. Go to the shop, then your house, and so on and so on. It becomes night after a few rounds
Premature Burial Trick
This trick lets you make use of Premature Burial twice without having to retrieve it from the graveyard. To do this you also need Giant Trunade, or another card that returns a spell card to the duelist's hand.

Use it to revive a monster. Then activate Giant Trunade or the equilivant card to return it to your hand. Your monster will still be on the field, and now you can use your Premature Burial card again.

Be warned that this trick won't work with other revival cards, like Call of the Haunted.


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Credits and sound gallery
When you get far enough through the game you'll eventually recieve e-mails that talk about a secret passwords, and they tell you them. These passwords DO NOT require 1000 KC to use.

00000375 Credits
57300000 Sound Gallery
Password Machine
After winning the Expert Cup Finals, there will be a Password Machine in the Card Shop. You can insert the following Cheat Codes for the following Cards there:

23771716: 7 Colored Fish
88819587: Baby Dragon
16768387: Big Eye
89631139: Blue Eyes White Dragon
53183600: Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
44209392: Castle Walls
04031928: Change of Heart
05388481: Dark Fire Soldier #1
53129443: Dark Hole
19159413: De-Spell
03027001: Fake Trap
66788016: Fissure
00423705: Gearfried the Iron Knight
42703248: Giant Trunade
30532390: Harpie's Brother
21297224: Hysteric Fairy
04042268: Island Turtle
30113682: Judge Man
24068492: Just Desserts
97590747: La Jinn, Mystical Genie of the Lamp
38480590: Lady Panther
17985575: Lord of D.
77414722: Magic Jammer
93013676: Maha Vailo
99597615: Malevolent Nuzzler
38369349: Manga Rya-Ran
83764718: Monster Reborn
50913601: Mountain
05318639: Mystical Space Typhoon
19523799: Ookazi
93920745: Penguin Soldier
74677422: Red-Eyes Black Dragon
17814387: Reinforcements
70046172: Rush Recklessly
26202165: Sangan
73915051: Scapegoat
52097679: Shield & Sword
73665146: Silent Magician LV4
72443568: Silent Magician LV8
43973174: The Flute of Summoning Dragon
16430187: The Reliable Guardian
20436034: The Ring of Magnetism
71625222: Time Wizard
65458948: Toon Mermaid
91842653: Toon Summoned Skull
15259703: Toon World
04206964: Trap Hole
80604091: Ultimate Offering
00050755: Magician's Circle
24094653: Polymerization
beat marik until you become friends then he will ask you to trade his Ra for your slifer or obelisk