Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny Tips

Easy Money
If it says you need a partner and it says (sadly you dont have a parthner)
just sart back from part 1 because you have all your money and all your cards
know that you finshed with the first school lession talk with zane and try to give him sandwhichs dont give him the golden egg sandwhich until 3 duels with him and he will ask you to be his partner for the sunday tag duel adn anyone you duel with him you will win because his cards are set up
I know this because i dueled him tones of times and i have the cards to get rid his cards

i use Jaden Cards

If you want to get quick cash then you can duel Doman hes the guy without a shirt down and ripped pants and he usally give 300-500

There you go have fun =)