Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Unlockables

Acces to all Booster Packs
  • To unlock the booster pack simply perform the requirement to unlock the booster pack.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wave Of The FutureAttain Ten consecutive wins
Hero EmergesAttain the best relation with Yuki Judai
A Machines Soul Never SleepsAttain the best relation with Sho Marufuji
Beast KingdomAttain the best relation with Hayato Maeda
Maidens HeartbeatAttain the best relation with Tenjoin Asuka
Warriors PyramidAttain the best relation with Daichi Misawa
Technology MasterAttain the best relation with Ryo Marufuji
Bit PlayersUse the characters in page two to finish stages 2 and 3
Good ol DaysAttain Ten consecutive losses
Vanilla GloomUse the characters in page three to finish stages 2 and 3
Never Give UpHave the best relation with Manjoume Jun
More Eternal MemoriesPlayer must reach beyond level 20
Speed KingPlayer must reach beyond level 25
Spice of DuelPlayer must reach beyond level 30
Fairy's SkyPlayer must reach beyond level 35
Dragon DrivePlayer must reach beyond level 40
Fiend NightPlayer must reach beyond level 45
Symbol 50Player must reach beyond level 50
Skillful SpellcastersFive characters must clear all three stages
Lucky Economy PackFirst stage of Sunday
Cold SkinAttain 50% collected at Duel Ranking
Ritual DanceAttain more than 20 hours of game play
Tag SurvivorEnter stage 2
Princeton PowerClear stages 2 & 3 with Manjoume Brothers
Approach the HottiesClear stages 2 & 3 with Mindy
Dorothy's SoulClear stages 2 & 3 with Dorothy
Sadie's SoulClear stages 2 & 3 with Sadie
First MonsterAvailable at the begginning
First Spell-TrapAvailable at the begginning
First FusionPlay after May 7
First Effect MonstersAvailable at the begginning
Step Up Spell-TrapAvailable at the begginning
Step Up FusionPlay after May 7
Anti EffectPack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected
Life BreakerPack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected
Go Go DirectPack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected
Midday Constellation Noon StarCheat code required
Double Triple Destiny DrawBuy the Golden Egg
Checkered FlagAttain over 90% cards collected
Endless ThoughtsPlayer must reach beyond level 5
Flip The PicturePlayer must reach beyond level 10
Equip MePlayer must reach beyond level 15
Visitor From The DarkFirst stage of Monday
Emergent FireFirst stage of Tuesday
Water Of LifeFirst stage of Wednesday
Gift Of WindFirst stage of Thursday
Platinum LightFirst stage of Friday
Earth DwellersFirst stage of Saturday