Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories review
Almost Perfect

The good:

This game kicks ass! You won't be tired of it for months! There are a lot of things you need to do to complete it, and even then, it'll take you a while to get ALL the cards, but once you accomplish this task, you'll feel very good with yourself. Personally, I enjoyed this game A LOT-and from time to time, I still play it. Once you get some of the most powerful cards-such as Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon-you'll just want to kick everyone's a$$!

The bad:

Graphics aren't that great...but you can't really expect them to be incredible since the game is for Playstation.

Also, the game will sometimes freeze in the middle of a VERY important battle, and this will suck a lot. The game also gets EXTREMELY hard by the end, and there are almost no saving spots, however, the cards you will obtain will be very rare-so it's all good. Other than these lil details, the game is sweeet.


The game is PHAT! What can I say, it would get a Perfect score if it wasn't for those minor setbacks, but I really recommend buying it if you're a Yu-gi-oh fan.

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