Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories review
Its Cool

The good:

-Awesome fusions
-Card Passwords
-3D Duel

The bad:

-Too many starchips to summon good cards: 999999
-No movement; just card duels
-Graphics could be better
-Music= Sleepy time


Ive said most of everything, so lets move on to the good stuff:

Jirai Gumo
This monster has 2200 ATK 100 DEF and only takes about 80 or so starchips to summon. The password is 94773007


Time Wizard + Dragon= Thousand Dragon ATK2400 DEF2000

Dragon+Plant+Thunder= Twin Headed Thunder Dragon ATK2800 DEF2100

Dragon+Plant= B. Dragon Jungle King ATK2100 DEF1800

Zombie Warrior+Plant= Pumpking the King of Ghosts ATK1800 DEF2000

The Wandering Doomed/Skull Servant+Plant= Wood Remains ATK1000 DEF900

Zombie+Pyro= Flame Ghost ATK1000 DEF800

Key Mace+Plant= Queen of Autumn Leaves ATK1800 DEF1500

Key Mace+Fairy= Dark Witch ATK1800 DEF1700

Beast+Plant= Flower Wolf ATK1800 DEF1400

Beast+Pyro= Flame Cerebrus ATK2100 DEF1800

Zombie+Spellcaster= Magical Ghost ATK1300 DEF1400

Machine+Spellcaster= Disk Magician ATK1350 DEF1000

Machine+Warrior= Cyber Soldier ATK1500 DEF1700

Warrior+Plant= Bean Soldier ATK1400 DEF1300

Warrior+Pyro= Charubin the Fire Knight ATK1100 DEF800

Warrior+Beast= Tiger Axe ATK1300 DEF1100

Mystical Lamp+ Rock= Ushi Oni ATK2150 DEF1850

Warrior+Zombie= Zombie Warrior ATK1200 DEF900

Key Mace+Rock= Mystical Sand ATK2100 DEF1700

Dragon+Zombie= Dragon Zombie ATK1600 DEF0

Zombie+Warrior+Warrior= Armored Zombie ATK1500 DEF0

Dragon+Machine= Metal Dragon ATK1850 DEF1700

Dragon+Warrior= Dragon Statue ATK1100 DEF900

Happy Lover+Beast= Garvas ATK2000 DEF1700

Fairy+Beast= Neckogal #2 ATK1900 DEF2000

Dragon+Rock= Stone D. ATK2000 DEF2300

Beast+Thunder= Tripwire Beast ATK1200 DEF1300

Snail(ex.Spiked Snail)+ Thunder= Bolt Escargot ATK1400 DEF1500

Dinosaur+Machine= Cyber Saraus ATK1800 DEF1400

Red Eyes B. Dragon+Summoned Skull= B. Skull Dragon ATK3200 DEF2500

Masaki the Legendary Swordsman+Flame Manipulator= Flame Swordsman ATK1800 DEF1600

Curse of Dragon+Gaia the Fierce Knight= Gaia the Dragon Champion ATK2600 DEF2100

Time Wizard+Embroyinic Beast= Summoned Skull ATK2500 DEF1200

Meteor Dragon+Dragon= Meteor B. Dragon ATK3500 DEF3000

Dragon(below ATK1600)+Aqua= Spike Seadra ATK1600 DEF1300

Dragon(ATK1600+)+Aqua= Water Dragon ATK2300? DEF2100?

Warrior+Dinosaur= Right Arm of Sword Dragon ATK1730 DEF2030

Warrior+Rock= Minumasa Warrior ATK1300 DEF1100

Zombie+Rock= Stone Ghost ATK1200 DEF1000

Card Passwords
Most of these passwords should work, since I've taken out the cards that dont work. if one of these doesn't work, please tell me at alen0141@aol.com so I can remove it. Thanks a lot. P.S. These are all the passwords I have right now but as I get new cards I'll add those to here.

4-Starred Ladybug of Doom= 83994646
7 Completed= 86198326
Ancient Brain= 42431843
Ancient Elf= 93221206
Ansatu= 48365709
Armaill= 53153481
Armored Lizard= 15480588
Armored Starfish= 17535588
Armored Zombie= 20277860
Baron of the Fiend Sword= 86325596
Battle Ox= 05053103
Battle Steer= 18246479
Big Eye= 16768387
Blue Eyes White Dragon= 89631139
Block Attack= 25880422
Book of Secret Arts= 91595718
Bottom Dweller= 81386177
Castle Walls= 44209392
Celtic Guardian= 91152256
Claw Reacher= 41218256
Curse of Dragon= 28279543
D. Human= 81057959
Dark Assailant= 41949033
Dark Energy= 04614116
Dark Hole= 53129443
Dark Magician= 46986414
Darkworld Thorns= 43500484
Dark Titan of Terror= 89494469
De-Spell= 19159413
Deepsea Warrior= 24128274
Doma the Angel of Silence= 16972957
Dragon Capture Jar= 50045299
Dragon Zombie= 66672569
Electric Snake= 11324436
Exodia the Forbidden One= 33396948
Fake Trap= 03027001
Feral Imp= 41392891
Flame Cerebrus= 60862676
Flame Manipulator= 34460851
Flying Fish= 31987274
Gadget Soldier= 86281779
Gaia Power= 56594520
Gaia the Fierce Knight= 06368038
Garuda the Wind Spirit= 12800777
Giant Soldier of Stone= 13039848
Giant-Tech Wolf= 08471389
Great White= 13429800
Gyakutenno Megami= 31122090
Hane-Hane= 07089711
Hitotsu-Me Giant= 76184692
Horn of The Unicorn= 38552107
Hoshiningen= 67629977
House of Adhesive Tape= 15083728
Invigoration= 98374133
Invitation to a Dark Sleep= 52675689
Jellyfish= 14851496
Jinzo #7= 32809211
Kojikocy= 01184620
Kotodama= 19406822
Koumori Dragon= 67724379
La Jinn The Mystical Genie of the Lamp= 97590747
Lava Battleguard= 20394040
Lesser Dragon= 55444629
Lord of D.= 17985575
M-Warrior #1= 56342351
Mad Sword Beast= 79870141
Magical Ghost= 46474915
Malevolent Nuzzler= 99597615
Mammoth Graveyard= 40374923
Man-Eater Bug= 54652250
Man-Eating Treasure Chest= 13723605
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman= 44287299
Master & Expert= 75499502
Mechanical Snail= 34442949
Melchid the Four-Face Beast= 86569121
Metal Fish= 55998462
Minar= 32539892
Milus Radiant= 07489323
Morinphen= 55784832
Mysterious Puppeteer= 54098121
Mystic Clown= 47060154
Mystic Horseman= 68516705
Mystical Elf= 15025844
Mystical Sheep #2= 83464209
Neo the Magic Swordsman= 50930991
Octoberser= 74637266
Ogre of the Black Shadow= 45121025
One-Eyed Shield Dragon= 33064647
Ookazi= 19523799
Overdrive= 02311603
Pale Beast= 21263083
Penguin Knight= 36039163
Petit Moth= 58192742
Reinforcments= 17814387
Reverse Trap= 77622396
Rock Ogre Grotto #1= 68846917
Rude Kaiser= 26378150
Ryu-Kishin= 15303296
Ryu-Kishin Powered= 24611934
Sand Stone= 73051941
Sangan= 26202165
Silver Bow and Arrow= 01557499
Silver Fang= 90357090
Skull Red Bird= 10202894
Sogen= 86318356
Sonic Bird= 57617178
Sorcerer of the Doomed= 49218300
Sparks= 76103675
Spear Cretin= 58551308
Spikebot= 87511987
Steel Scorpion= 13599884
Stim-Pack= 83225447
Summoned Skull= 70781052
Swamp Battleguard= 40453765
Sword of Dark Destruction= 37120512
Sword of Deep-Seated= 98495314
Swordstalker= 50005633
Tainted Wisdom= 28725004
Terra the Terrible= 63308057
The All-Seeing White Tiger= 32269855
The Bistro Butcher= 71107816
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams= 68049471
The Little Swordsman of Aile= 25109950
The Reliable Guardian= 16430187
The Stern Mystic= 87557188
Thunder Dragon= 31786629
Trap Hole= 04206964
Trap Master= 46461247
Tyhone #2= 56789759
Umi= 22702055
Unknown Warrior of Fiend= 97360116
Ultimate Offering= 80604091
Uraby= 01784619
Waboku= 12607053
Wall of Illusion= 13945283
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1= 87796900
Witty Phantom= 36304921
Yado Karu= 29380133
Yami= 59197169


Beat Jono and Teana contiously in Free Duel to get easy starchips. Winning againt the Mage Soldier sometimes will get you good cards (I got Mechalinacher ATK1850 DEF800).

Once you get enough starchips, get some strong monsters in your deck.

To 3D duel, attack an enemy monster using [] (square) instead of X.

If you have more than one memory card, start a new game and then you can trade cards from that game to any other games. Unfortunately, you cant trade starchips, as we all probably wish we could.

Here are some cards that you should get in your deck, especially if youre stuck on a hard opponent:

Fuse Time Wizard+Embroyinic Beast= Summoned Skull,then use the field card Yami, use Horn of the Unicorn, and use Sword of Dark Destruction, making his ATK around 4000! That'll be enough to beat kaibas Blue Eyes! You probably realize its hard to get a combo like that at a time, but I've done it!

Heres a little trick I like to call "bait." If your opponent keeps putting his monsters in defense mode, (like Yami Bakura which is extremely annoying) place one of your weaker monsters (ATK around 1000) to make him attack it. You will lose life points, but so will your opponent when you attack with a stronger monster.

To make your opponent put a card in defense mode, put one of your cards in face-down defense mode.

Anyway, you should get the game if you're a hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh fan. If you're not, Duelist of the Roses is better (I got this WAY before DOTR came out).

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Quetzalcoatl Jan 22, 11
Good review

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Kaiba Jan 22, 11
I'm going to play this game again and fuse the hell out of some cards!
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Quetzalcoatl Jan 22, 11
I dare you to win or fuse a Dark Magic Ritual with no gameshark or modded version of this game .

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