Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Cheats

good beginning fusions
to get monsters with high attack with low level deck
angel (not skelenten) + milus rex = garvas 2000atc.
female + milus rex = neokgal 2 (1900 atc)
plant + zombie (not shadow specter) pumpking king of ghosts (1800 atc.)
female + rock = msytical sand (2100 atc)
female + plant = queen of autum leaves = 1800 atc
warrior + plant = bean soldier 1400 atc
warrior = machine = i forget name 1500 atc
winged beast + fire crismonsun bird 2300 attack
female warrior + skelaton angel =Dark witch 1800 attack
this is the best i have
dragon plus any thunder besides mega thunder ball +twin headed thunder dragon (dragon must have good attack above 1600 and not uraby uraby works in no fusions)
also another way is to do any thunder + plus 2 splellcasters + any dragon execpt uraby = twinheaded thunder drangon atc. 2800