Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Cheats

More on Card Fusions
To add to the card fusions:

- any thunder + dragon (1600 A+) = Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100)
- Zoa + Metalmorph = Metalzoa (3000/2400)
- Job Change Mirror + Fiend = Summoned Skull (2500/1200)
- Time Wizard + Fiend = Summoned Skull -- I'm not sure if this works--
- Summoned Skull + Red Eyes Black Dragon = Black Skull Dragon (3200/2500)
- Meteor Dragon + Red Eyes Black Dragon = Meteor Black Dragon (3500/2000)
- Flying Beast + Pyro = Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800)
- Mammoth Graveyard + Zombie = Great Mammoth of Goldfine (2200/2000)


- Tri-Horned Dragon (2850/2350) - Black Dragon Jungle King + Torike + Feral Imp (Tri-Horned Ritual Card)
- Gate Guardian (3750/3250) - Suijin + Kazejin + Sanga of Thunder (Gate Guardian Ritual Card)
- Cosmo Queen (2900/2400) - Queen of Autumn Leaves + Princess of Tsurugi + Queen's Double (Cosmo Queen's Prayer Card)
- Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) - 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons (Ultimate Dragon Ritual Card)


- The easiest way I've found to win battles early on (like before you go into the Labyrinth) is to get about 6 different ways of getting the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (THTD) and able to get like 4 at a time, also get a lot of equip cards (such as dragon treasure, invigoration, beast fangs, etc.) so you can buff up a single THTD to about 5800 A, also get lots of other cards that your equip cards work on, Two-headed King Rex is a good example (Dragon Treasure, Follow Wind, Beast Fangs, and Raise Body Heat all work on him), Rock cards are also good if you have 3 Invigoration. Also, 3 Raigeki are a must, Trap cards are recommended, but not mandatory.


- If anyone knows how to get the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (or knows if you even can...) please e-mail me! It's just a question that's been bugging me...