Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses review
Incredible Yu-gi-oh game

The good:

The gameplay is really challenging, and there are so many cards, it's quite impossible to get tired of it. Graphics are awesome-even for PS2-and, it's unlike anything you've ever seen in a Yu-gi-oh game before. Truly one of the best yu-gi-oh games I have personally played, and I don't think much can beat it.

The bad:

Well, if you're looking for a yu-gi-oh game just like the TCG (trading card game), then this game isn't the one for you. DOTR is more like Dungeon Dice Monsters, and it makes you think about every move you make. If you're not one of those people that are out there looking for a challenge, I wouldn't recommend it because the new game-style can get quite annoying.

Personally, I'd recommend renting it first, if you consider it to your liking, then buy it!


Overall the game will be well fitting for any Yu-gi-oh fan as long as he's looking for a challenging game. It'll be hard at the beginning, because the new game-play system is kind difficult to adapt too, but once you got it, things get much fun and easier.

The number of monsters there are in this game is incredible, and you'll have a hard time getting all the cards-meaning there'll be quite a lot of things for you to do!

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