Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses Cheats

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses cheat codes.


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Card Codes
To enter a password for a card, press R3 at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter the desired eight character password from below
Ancient Tree Of EnlightenmentEKJHQ109
Aqua DragonJXCB6FU7
Barrel DragonGTJXSBJ7
Beast King Of The SwampQXNTQPAX
Blast SphereCZN5GD2X
Change Of HeartSBYDQM8B
Crush CardSRA7L5YR
Dark HoleUMJ10MQB
Elf's LightE5G3NRAD
Exodia's Head37689434
Fairy King TrusdaleYF07QVEZ
Fairy's GiftNVE7A3EZ
Goblin Fan92886423
Gravity Bind0HNFG9WX
Harpy's Feather Sweep8HJHQPNP
Horn Of The UnicornS14FGKQ1
Left Arm Of ExodiaA5CF6HSH
Magician Of FaithGME1S3UM
Meteor Dragon86985631
Mirror Wall53297534
Mystical Capture ChainsN1NDJMQ3
Robotic KnightS5S7NKNH
Royal Decree8TETQHE1
Serpentine PrincessUMQ3WZUZ
Slate Warrior73153736
Swordsman From A Foreign LandCZ81UVGR
Tactical warrior054TC727


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Card Fusions
Kairyu-Shin + AquaAqua Dragon
Dragon + GrassB. Dragon Jungle King
Red Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned SkullB. Skull Dragon
Aqua + DinosuarBrachio-radius
Crass Clown + ZombieClown Zombie
Warrior + Winged Beast + PyroCrimson Sunbird
Shadow Ghoul + Meteor DragonCurse of Dragon
Dinosaur + MetalCyber Saurus
Gemini Elf + Dark Spellcaster (ATK 1500 or less)Dark Elf
Dragon + ZombieDragon Zombie
Any Pyro + WarriorFlame Swordsman
Any Dragon + Harpie LadyHarpie's Pet Dragon
Spellcaster + ZombieMagical Ghost
Dragon + MachineMetal Dragon
Zoa + MetalmorphMetalZoa
Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon Meteor Black Dragon (3500/3000)
Dancing Elf + Dancing ElfMystical Elf
Beast + FemaleNekogal #2
Zombie + PlantPumpking
Zombine (ATK 1100 - 2000) + PlantPumpking
Warrior + Winged BeastPunished Eagle
Plant + PlantQueen of Autumn Leaves
Red Eyes B. Dragon + MetalmorphRed Eyes B. Metal Dragon
Typhone 2 + Koumori DragonRed Eyes Black Dragon
Fiend + PlantRose Spectre of Dunn
Dragon + RockS. Dragon
Dragon Seeker + Job Change MirrorSummoned Skull
Time Wizard + any Dragon (ATK 2400 or less) Thousand Dragon
Dragon(ATK 1600 or less) + Thunder (ATK 1600 or less)Thunder Dragon
Thunder Dragon + Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100)
Dragon + (Grass, Thunder, Rock, Zombie, or Machine) + Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Zombie (ATK 1000 or less) + PlantWood Remains
Graveyard Slot Machine Unlockables
These are the cards I got by using the Graveyard Slot Machine after winning a duel. You must have the 3 cards lined up to win these Rares and if you Raise your rank on the Slot Machine then, then you'll have better chances.
RareSlot Machine Matches
Anti-Magic Fragrance3 Typhone
Barrel Dragon3 Ooguchi
Black Luster3 Curse Of Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Koumori Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Red Eyes
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Monster Egg
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Dark Fire Dragons
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Kabanola Warrior
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Rude Kaiser
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Tenderness
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Ground Attacker Bugroth
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Robotic Knights
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Suijin
Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Lion Monster
Brain Control3 Illusionist Faceless Mage
Dark Magician3 Gust Fan
Dark Magician3 Gate Guardian Ritual
Dark Magician Girl3 Dark Magician
Dissolverock3 Machine King
Fire Reaper3 Vile Germ
Fire Reaper3 White Holes
Flame Ghost3 Mystical Elf
Flame Swordsman3 Legendary Sword
Flame Swordsman3 Madjinn Gunn
Flame Swordsman3 Kattarpiller
Gorgon's Eye3 The Ordek
Harpies Pet3 Harpie Lady
Labyrinth Tank (2400/2400)3 Blackland Fire Dragon
Lord Of D.3 Ultimate Dragon Ritual
Red-Eyes Black Dragon3 Dancing Elf
Red-Eyes Black Dragon3 King of Yamimakai
Red-Eyes Black Dragon3 Versago The Destroyer
Red-Eyes Black Dragon3 Sword Of Dark Destruction
Right Leg Of Exodia3 Insect Cannon
Skull Knight3 Pragtical
Skull Knight3 Feral Imp
Skull Knight3 Celtic Guardian
Skull Knight3 Spirit Of The Harp
Summoned Skull3 Dark Prisoner
Summoned Skull3 Larva Moth
Summoned Skull3 Fairy Meteor Crush
Summoned Skull3 High Tide Gyojin
Sword of Dragon's Soul3 Two-Mouth Darkruler
Temple Of Skulls3 Dancing Fairy
Temple Of Skulls3 Koumori Dragons
Toon Summoned Skull3 Fiend Hand
Toon Summoned Skull3 Pumpking The King Of Ghost
Toon Summoned Skull3 Manga Ryu Ran
Toon Summoned Skull3 Tenderness
Toon Summoned Skull3 Red-Eyes Black Dragon


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*Easy Reincarnate*
An easy way to get to use the reincarnation screen is to start a match in the story mode, then forfeit the match.

Continue this process for 5 matches, and then you can go to your deck and reincarnate cards.
Beat rex raptor (white rose)
First make your name PUZZLE in capital letters.Then verse Rex Rapter and get Brachia-radius and Trakadon into the graveyard on the slot machine graveyard
try to get Brachio-radius and Trakadon.The easy way to win is to play Kaiser Dragon and attack the deck leader.When you have got Trakadon and Brachio-radius get Mimicat (69YDQM85) in your deck.
Beat tea easily!!!
Put your name as PRINCE YUGI choose the deck leader as king tiger wanghu and join the white rose.
Beat Yugi's Grandpa Easy...
Just make sure you have 3 Shadow Ghouls and 3 Shadow Walls and you'll have him trapped in the Labrynth. Don't be afraid of his monster because he only uses them for defensive purposes...
Best leader at the start
If you put your name as skyscraper you get a deck with birdface as leader.This is the best starter deck.
Better powerful field
First,go on map edit & depending on what type of deck you have you can do (Zombie=Wasteland+Dark) or (Beast-Warrior=Forest+Grass) this helps because depending on player 2's deck you might need it because if your opponent's deck is pyro (powerful on forest) & is on grass then it won't get the power up which could be the difference between winning or losing.
better reincarnations
i don't know if you have noticed this but the better the card you reincarnate the better three you get, so get multiples of strong monsters (or copy your data to another memory card and trade the strong monster from copy to original after reincarnating) and you will usually get better monsters in reincarnation
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Deck
To do this you must have at least 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons, 3 Ultimate Dragon rituals, and at least 6 cards that revive monsters from the dead. For these 6 revivals i would recommend 3 Monster Reborns and 3 Magicians of Faith to bring back the Monster Reborns, although you might want to throw in an extra Mask of Darkness or Mimicat just in case something goes wrong and you need revive a monster. You will also need cards to stall for you while you bring out your beasts, so throw in some monsters like Man-Eater Bug or Jowls of Dark Demise and some trap cards. The basic principle is to get your Blue-Eyes out first and fuse them with the ritual card. Once you have your first Blue-Eyes Ultimate on the field start reviving your Blue-Eyes, and repeat the process. But always remember that you can only have 5 monsters on the field at any one time, so once you already have 2 Blue-Eyes Ultimates on the field make sure your Magicians of Faith are gone before you start reviving your Blue-Eyes. Also make sure you put at least 1 Lord of D. in your deck so that once all 3 of your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons are on the field you can put him in face up defense position and have some fun! The only thing that can really stop these dragons now is monster effects.
Card Duplication
Select the card you wish to duplicate as your deck leader. Enter a custom duel without a second memory card in slot two. Use the crush terrain.

The computer won't place a single card on the field unless you place a weak creature face up, he will run away! Surround him to win. 30 moves or less guaranteed.
deck of power
The ultimate decks you can make are

1. a plant and insect deck with (larva moth, pupa of moth, or cocoon of evolution with a small insect to make perfectly ultimate great moth) GREAT FOR WEAKENING THE OPPOSING MONSTERS.

2. a plant and zombie deck and make many pumpkings and strong zombies with plants to fuse to make more pumpkings GREAT FOR MAKING YOUR MONSTERS HAVE ATK 9999

3. a mix of the two to weaken your opponent and hit them hard
easy custom duel wins
First you go to custom duel and make sure you have beaten the game! go to the one where you can edit places. Make sure you also have spell binding and weakining cards. select you're fav terrain start the duel. then put spellbinding cards then use youre strong cards to beat him.
Easy Deck Leader Promotion
You must haven beaten both sides of the game to do this trick. After beating the game go to Custon Duel and select map edit and build a
field like this:

N N L N L N N N = Normal
N N N N N N N L = Lybranth

After this go and duel and as soon as the game begins and end your turn and your opponent will surrender. Continue doing this to get promoted.

Note: you need to have two or more of the card you wish to duplicate.
Easy White Rose Game
When you start the game chose the Airknight Parasath (or however you spell it) as your deck leader than side with the white rose.
Than enter codes to get Uber monsters such as Aqua Dragon or Barrel Dragon.
Also enter the code for Mirror Wall, Mimicat and Change of Heart.

This will make the game a lot easier.
Fixed slot rares
If you get the 3 of the following cardes in a row in the graveyard's slot machine after winning a duel,you will get the following card:

note:It will always give out the same result,unlike all the others

3 X Ultimate dragon ritual gives out Lord of dragon(#083).
Lord of dragon:
Spellcaster/dark/effect/ATK 1200/DEF 1100/DC 28
<nature> When this card is in face-up defence position, all DRAGON monsters on the field are immune to the effects of an opponent's spell cards.
Obtainable from Seto Kaiba

3 X Dark piercing light gives out swords of revealing light(#715)
Swords of revealing light:
Magic/DC 80
Flip all enemy cards on the field face-up and spellbind them for 3 turns.
Obtainable from Tea and shadi.

3 X Dark magitian gives out Dark magitian girl(#087)
Dark magitian girl:
Spellcaster/dark/effect/ATK 2000/DEF 1700/DC 42
<Flip> When this card is flipped face-up,it is increased by 500 points for every Dark magitian and Dark magitian girl found in all graveyards.
Obtainable from Yugi.

3 X Illusionist faceless mage gives out Brain control(#733)
Brain control:
Magic/DC 80
Take control of an opponent's highest ATK monster for 1 turn.
Obtainable from Pegasus and Yugi's grandfather.

3 X Harpie lady gives out Harpie's feather duster(#702)
Harpie's feather duster:
Magic/DC 70
Destroys all spells located in vertical and horisontal lines from the activated space.
Obtainable from Mai.

3 X Thunder nyan nyan gives out Raigeki(#700)
Magic/DC 80
Destroys all monsters located in vertical and horisontal lines from the activated space.
Obtainable from Shadi.

3 X Stain storm gives out Acid trap hole(#811)
Acid trap hole:
Trap(limited range)/DC 30
Disposable trap that triggers against an opponent's monster with an ATK of 4000 or below,and destroys it.
Obtainable from Rex Raptor.

3 X dark energy gives out dark hole(#699)
Dark hole:
Magic/DC 50
Destroy every card on the field.
Obtainable from Bonz and Panic
For All Exodia
You know how sometimes you keep trying to get all of exodia and you fail! Well I have found a solution to all of you who have asked the question How Do I get the other pieces? First of all you will need a memory card. Next use the codes u find on the internet to get the Head and the Right leg. While you play, earn some more right legs in the graveyard slots. "Get about three more right legs to have a total Four in all" "If you get more than one of the same arms save it" This may take a while. Save the game again! Get the reincarnate ability. Reincarnate one of the arms to get the other. Same goes for the leg. Note "IF YOU DO NOT GET A NEW PIECE OF EXODIA!!!! HINT HINT HINT!!! DO, I REPEAT, DO NOT SAVE. Exit out to the main screen. Go to custom duel. Go in there and reincarnate. If you do not get another piece do not save. Exit out and do this all over again. This may take a while. Please remember if you get a knew piece "MAKE SURE YOU SAVE" "OR YOU WILL BE BUMBED OUT!"
Good Deck!
When beginning the game put your name as Flame with a capital F and lower cases -lame to make Flame and choose the twin-headed behemoth. This gives out alot of dragons plus if you combine "ghoul with an appetite" with sky dragon it gives out curse of dragon. If you combine a kaminokozou with any dragon with atk under 1500 you can make a thunder dragon (1100/1600) with if you combine again with kaiser dragon it gives out twin headed thunder dragon, (2800).
Guess an opponent Fusion
Just after your opponent does a fusion, when its your turn go to your opponent's Graveyard and you might "guess" your opponent's monster.

Hope this helps!
hidden fiend killers
Both Tenderness and Airknight Parshath have a hidden ability not written on the card. This ability allows the one-sided destruction of fiend monsters. However it appears the monsters attack eachother but no damage is done to either player and after the attacks the fiend monster automatically dies. Regardless of attack and deffense. There might be other monsters with this same ability or a similar one. But i only know of these so good luck!
How to get Dark Magician
A:Beat Yugi`s dark magician and get it on graveyards slot machine.

B: Face Shlshi and let him use graverodder then get 3 graveyards on slot machine>u will get a darkmagician and a graverobber.
Infinite cards
You need two memory cards.
load up your game with the ability to reincarnate. switch your memory card with the second one, and reincarnate your best card. save the game and exit. trade your new cards onto your first memory card (you cannot trade cards that you already have), and load up your first game again. you should now have the reincarnated cards + your best card. if you continue doing this you can easily get duplicates of dian ceto the cure master, skull knight, etc.
The Best decks
There are 2 types of decks worth having.

A Zombie/DARK deck with 2 or 3 Pumpkings and a lot a zombies, Dark energy, Violet Crystal, with Yami or wasteland.

A Fairy/LIGHT deck with Mystical Elf, Hoshingen, Winged Trumpeter, Silver Bow and arrow, Bright Castle, And Mountain. 2 or 3 of each.

Mirror wall, 3 Megamorphs, 2 or 3 Gate deegs, Maybe a Servant Of Catabolysm in your deck is a MUST HAVE for true domination.
The only way you can win EVER
first enter FLAME as your name and get the robotic night deck which is powerful on wasteland make sure you take the side with the Yugi then go duel rex raptor which becomes really easy after that you unlocked another arena with KING OF YAKIYAMA keep fighting him until you get zoa and feind castle with this you could give zoa like 5000 atk points which is a very big deal.
to use magic again and again
to use magic again and again put in your deck magician of faith, mask of darkness and darkness approaches then you can use yours and your enemys magic cards over and over again.

Easter eggs

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Blue Eyes White Dragon
I was extreamly excited and shocked at the same time when i got it... to get it beat down triston grey ( white rose side of game ) and get 3 karbanola warriors... this works I already got it! Its the best card i have right now becuase i started a new game. ALSO it was a secret until you actually get it becuase triston is probably the worst duelest ever,( i had him cornered 3 rounds in with petit dragons ) and his deck leader is karbonola warrior. Infact TRY RENCARNATING BLUE EYES IT MIGHT GIVE YOU ANOTHER OR ULTAMITE RITUAL!!!
literally, easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a SUPER easy way 2 rank up ur deck leader in the beginning of the game! 1st, go 2 build deck in story mode, then go 2 the left list of monsters and press down the left analog stick, enter the code for tactical warrior, replace the weakest monster in ur deck, (but if u have beast, king of the swamps, which u have a high chance of not having, keep it!) save the game, go 2 custom duel, set it at 9999 LP for the start and 12 for the other. press start 2 go select a field, immediatley go to NO.8 field (all crush field) and start battling urself. keep sending monsters face-up ( if ur opponent never placed a card in the field.) make all ur monsters make it crouch to the left or right corner. repeat this procees 6-7 times and viola! instant ranking! NOw, if ur opponent does throwdown a card, and u have tactical warrior in ur hands, now is the time to use it. throw it face-down on the field. Not face-up, or he will die cause of spec. effect which raises all warriors power by 300 which will equal 1500 for him. send a power increase card to act as a dummy and put it face-down def. mode, ur opponent will thing it is a weak monster and attack it. with the opponent's monster exposed, u can see if u can counter it with a weak, but more powerful monster, but if u face a monter with 1400 attk. u have to send tactical warrior out to destroy it. only make it face up when u engage the monster. he will destroy the other monster by sacrificing himself at the end. u may do this will other monsters 2, have fun!


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Better Starter Deck
When you have to choose a name write KONAMI Capital letters you should get better starter deck's....
easy way to beat the first of the game
do the codes for swordsatalker and mirror wall and you should be able to beat the people at the first of the game
Eze recarnatioon
fight anyone in the game and surrender 5 times, then go to deck and recarnate.
Get more cards
2nd memory card required
This cheat could help you get cards from different starter decks which you don't have.You need 2 memory cards.One with a Duelists of the roses save,and one without(unless it has a save the owner's willing to give up).Start a new game with the 2nd memory card.Choose a name,and a deck that you didn't choose at the start.Choose kaiba's side(white rose) since there's less talking.Go into the build deck screen.Enter some passwords.Take the cards that you want and replace them with the password cards.Go out and save.Go to the main screen and choose the trade function(with both memory cards plugged in).Simply take all the cards from the other save.You can also replace them with your other useless cards so you can come back for more.This can help get multiples of password cards.After you finish one deck,go for another one.

If that deck has a deck leader that you like(eg.kryuel or injection fairy lily),and you want it really bad,go to custom duel and win against yourself and the deck leader(and a number of other cards you sent to the graveyard) will all bew there.I did this to all the decks and I got over 150 free cards.
Getting a Blue Eyes White Dragon and Temple of Skulls
Beat both sides of the story, then battle Tea and make sure you haven't exceeded the deck cost and match the bow and arrow.
The first time it gave me a blue eyes and the second time it gave me a temple of skulls which stops all magic and ritual cards when face up in defence including your cards so if you want to activate a magic or ritual card make sure it's in attack mode.
Go to custom duel and choose the fav terrain of your deck (e.g. Machine=wasteland) and you should promote your monsters and get slot rares easily. I have done it and promoted Robotic Knight and Metal Dragon and in the 3 slots got BEWD, Flame Ghost and Sammoned Skull.

Good Luck!


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Hidden card locations
To find the cards, your deck leader has to have the ability to find cards (Hidden Ability) and you need to have completed both sides of the story.

The Field layout is as follows:

*1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The following are the locations and cards acquired:

Mai-E7: Dust Tornado
Yugi-D1: Carat Idol
Bakura-A7: Shape Snatch
Joey-E7: Rigras Leever
Mako-E6: Time Eater
Tea-E5: Servant of Catabolism
Grandpa-D4: Dharma Cannon
Necromancer-A1: Eternal Rest
Weevil-D7: Eradicating Aerosol
Rex Raptor-A7: Cold Wave
Panik (Darkness Ruler)-B6: -Exile of the Wicked
Isthar-D4: Jowls of Demise
Tristan-D5: Novox Prayer
Pegasus-A4: Electromagnetic Bagworm
Bandit Keith-C4: Strain Storm
Shadi-D4: Souleater
Labyrinth Ruler-A7: Catapult Turtle
King-B4: Warrior Elimination
Final Bosses-D4: ???
Kaiba-D4: Moisture Creature
Many of the monsters are Immortal Type (strong in crush territory) and very powerful in terms of their effects (Souleater is great). Most of the magic cards are those that destroy all monsters of a specific type (usually the type primarily used by the opponent you get the card against, for example, Cold Wave, obtained against Rex Raptor, kills all dinosaur type monsters).


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Map Edit Mode
In a custom battle if you defeat the white and the red rose story modes you will unlock map edit mode.
You must beat both sides of the game to do this trick. After beating the game go to Custom Duel and select map edit and build a field like this:

(n:normal) (l:labyrinth)(c:set a card here)(p:the card you want to promote)
n n l n l n n
n c n p l n n
n n c c n n n
n n n n n n n
n n n n n n n
n n n n n n n
n n n n n n n
n n n n n n n

Use royal decree and a monster with more atk on the end, when he is out of cards atk his life points.
Quick & dirty win
Enter the codes for mimicat ( 69YDQM85 ) & change of heart ( SBYDQM8B )
Use the change of heart to control a monster directly next to opponent's deck master. Attack deck master/ lifepoints.

Flip mimicat, select change of heart, attack deckmaster.

Flip magician of faith, select change of heart, attack deckmaster.

Reincarnate to your heart's desire
After every 5 duels, win or lose, you have a chance to reincarnate. Now, to make sure you don't reincarnate one of your best cards and get let down with horrible cards, save before you reincarnate. And keep reincarnating til you get what you want. Process: Reincarnate, If you don't like the cards then exit, Then load game up, Reincarnate, etc.

And thats how you can get some great cards.
Secret duelist
You need a memories from Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories on a memory card.Then put that Memery card on the second slot.Then get the another memery card that have Duel of rose on it then go on 2 player and put player 2 on computer then enjoy your duel,and you get alot of rare card from him.
Slot Rare & Extra chances in slots
Slot Rare

3 Dark Energy = Dark Hole

5 Chances in slots
Promote Eyearmor to SD (Secretary of Defense) and get 5 chances in slots. (3 across and 2 diagonal)
Tips and cheats
Here is how to get a cheap win...

Unlock edit map:

First, beat both sides of the game, then when to go to custom duel, the "edit map" will be unlcoked.

Cheap win:

Once you unlocked edit map, edit your map so that there is all labyrinth around the computers base so they can't place any cards. they will automatically lose and the only cards to appear in the slots is the leader.

There you go, a cheap win.

Free duel:

if you have beaten both sides of the game, you can now battle anyone you like. They will all be there from both sides of the story.