Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction Tips

Tips for beginners
Train with Duke to get a Hourglass of Life card to power up your monster at 1000 LP cost, then take on Yugi aroudn 40 times and get at least 20 spellbinding circles, sell them all and you will get alot of money, along the way your duelist level and deck capicity will also increase, then starting to duel all the people in clock tower square and then go to domino station to beat more cronies. By now yuor duelist level should be at least 130 to go intot he train and beat Panik, after that baet the guy in the back to get White Magician Hat 1000 atk to put it in your deck. Now go back to beat Yugi 40 times again.. so your duelists level shuld be 135 something about now.

From this points onward, you should be able to beat many duels with your cards and status..