Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny Playing Tips
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny Playing Tips

by GirlWithPigtail   Updated on
Playing Tips
by Girl With Pigtail
December 2009
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1. Introduction
2. Basic Tips
3. Yugi Tips
4. Last Words

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Foremost, this playing tips were meant for beginners on Yu-Gi-Oh! Power
of Chaos card game. Doesn't mean that advanced players can't use it
though. The tips given were those that I used oftenly when I'm still
new playing it and didn't have much strong cards, yet I also gave tips
for stronger cards incase you're dueling a pretty strong opponent that
strong cards can sometimes be useless.

There are three kinds of this guide. One is the one you're reading now
which is tips for Yugi the Destiny game. Second is tips for Kaiba the
Revenge game and the last one is for Joey the Passion game. You can
download the other two tips separately from www.neoseeker.com on each
game's respective FAQ pages.

In Basic Tips, I put tips that can be used on any games, meaning it
didn't matter who you fought. Either Yugi, Kaiba, Junichi (US Version:
Joey. Bleh.... Don't expect you'll see that name again here since I'll
further on use Junichi to refer him), or against one of your real-life
friends. In Yugi Tips, I put tips especially meant to use for battling
Yugi. In Kaiba Tips I put tips for dueling Kaiba and in Junichi Tips
are tips to fought Junichi.

So, that's about all for the introduction. Let's start with the tips.

1. Tips for which character you should play first.
   If you're a beginner, I strongly recommended to play Yugi in the
   Yugi the Destiny game first. I didn't mean to underestimate him, but
   Yugi didn't use that much powerful cards and I believe he was meant
   to be played by the beginners first, seeing the way Yugi played and
   the cards available in his game, also the way his tutorial gave you
   basic knowledge around cards and duels. After you feel you're strong
   enough and Yugi is no longer a challenge for you, duel with Kaiba
   in the Kaiba the Revenge game next after is my recommendation. Kaiba
   is stronger than Yugi, in the Power of Chaos game only of course,
   and in my opinion too of course. Playing Kaiba is a lot harder in
   term of he had a lot bigger list of cards that can be used by the
   both of you compared to the cards in Yugi's list. The last one I
   suggested you to duel with is Junichi in Joey the Passion game. You
   might say that Junichi was the weakest of three in the original
   story of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but in Power of Chaos he's not a hard opponent,
   he's an ANNOYING opponent. Remember how Junichi had the habbit of
   'gambling' by using a LOT of spell and trap cards on the original
   story? Well, he did it again in Power of Chaos. That's why he's
   annoying to fought with and recommended to be last. Also, unlike
   Yugi the Destiny and Kaiba the Revenge games, Joey the Passion offer
   different types of difficulty under his Options page. You can set
   Junichi to use his own normal deck or let him use all Power of Chaos
   cards just like you're allowed to use all the cards you've collected
   during your plays against Yugi and Kaiba, which if you choose to
   enable this option it will make Junichi even more annoying to duel
   with. Still in the Options, you can also choose to let the both of
   you use Forbidden Cards or not. I think Konami also meant for you to
   play Power of Chaos in this order of Yugi-Kaiba-Junichi since Yugi
   and Kaiba got tutorials while Junichi not.

2. Tips for amount of number on your main deck.
   Remember that there is a limit of 40 cards minimum and 80 cards
   maximum. If you're a beginner, feel free to use the max number to
   strengthen your deck. But remember that quantity isn't always better
   than quality. After you feel your deck is strong enough, try dueling
   someone using the min number to test your skill on playing and on
   deck construction. Note that Yugi and Kaiba will always use 40 cards
   in their deck no matter how much cards you place in your deck, while
   Junichi sometimes added between 1-10 additional cards if you have
   more than 40 cards on your deck but will go back using 40 if you
   also use 40. If you're dueling a friend, you can try made a rule
   with him/her about how many cards allowed in each decks.

3. Tips for monsters in your main deck.
   Some of you are an attacker type meaning you'll most probably put a
   lot of monsters with big ATK number in your deck and some of you are
   a defensive type meaning you prefer to put a lot of monsters with
   big DEF number in your deck. But to my opinion, the best deck to use
   against Yugi, Kaiba and Junichi is a deck consisted a balanced
   amount between monsters that were meant to attack and monsters meant
   to defend. Don't put monsters with 5 stars and above too much in
   your deck. You can only summon them if you have tribute and you
   can't tribute if you don't have a monster to be placed in your
   field. Carefully place flip effect monsters in your deck, making
   sure they'll do good more to you than to your opponent. Once you
   have it, I suggest to place these cards in your deck:
   a. Some Giant Soldier of Stone, Mystical Elf and other monsters with
      2000 DEF with 4 stars or lower as your normal defensive monsters.
   b. Some Neo the Magic Swordsman or other monsters with 1700 ATK or
      more with 4 stars or lower as your normal attacking monsters.
   c. One or two Summoned Skull. It's a monster with 2500 ATK and only
      need one tribute to summon it so it's a pretty good monster to
      have. Between all cards that are 5-6 stars, this card is the best
      for you to use as an attacking monster.
   d. One or two Labyrinth Wall or Millenium Shield. They are monsters
      with 3000 DEF and only need one tribute to set in the field. The
      best thing about these cards that as long there's no Equip card
      on Blue-Eyes White Dragon, not even the mighty Blue-Eyes can
      destroy it. It's your best defensive monster.
   e. A Cyber Jar is strongly recommended as one of your flip effect
      monsters. It'll destroy all cards on field and you can place and
      draw new cards from your deck. It's very useful if you're dueling
      a strong monster you can't destroy.

4. Tips for spells in your main deck.
   A lotta spell cards can be useful while some can be useless for you.
   See the monsters you have in your deck and decide what kind of spell
   cards you think will be helpful for them. Spell cards like Change of
   Heart, Dark Hole, Harpie's Feather Duster, Monster Reborn, Pot of
   Greed and Swords of Revealing Light were proven to be very useful
   anytime. Put some of them in your deck once you have them.

5. Tips for traps in your main deck.
   Once you have it, ALWAYS have Mirror Force, Trap Hole, Waboku and
   Negate Attack in your deck. There are a lot more trap cards can be
   used, depending on the type of monsters and spells cards you got in
   your deck, but the ones I've mentioned above were useful anytime.
   Also put Fake Trap to protect your traps if you want to. Magic
   Jammer can also be useful to prevent opponent using a spell card,
   but remember that you need to have a card in your hand to be
   discarded to the graveyard if you want to activate Magic Jammer.

6. Tips for Side Deck.
   Side Deck is the deck consisted of max 15 cards under your main deck
   that you can use as cards exchange during Match Duel. I actually
   never use the Side Deck since I never wanted to change the main deck
   even in a Match. But should you need to, I recommend putting some
   monsters with effect and some spells or traps.

7. Tips for Fusion Deck.
   I rarely use the Fusion Deck but it's good to have if you want to.
   Junichi once beat me using FIVE fusion monsters thanks to his Fusion
   Gate activated and all of his fusion cards are at hand. A battle I
   hate to remember. Try placing a pretty strong fusion monsters like
   Gaia the Dragon Champion, Skull Knight, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
   or even Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon once you have it. Monsters with
   ATK lower than these cards are not recommended since it'll be pretty
   much useless in a duel. Also, I suggest you don't put the monsters
   that become the 'ingredient' of a fusion monster in your battle
   field. Just keep them in your hand until you got Polymerization or
   Fusion Gate activated.

8. Tips for rock-paper-scissor.
   There's no fix rule about what will the computer choose, but you can
   try using scissor first since I found the computer like to choose
   paper for about 50% of the times. If you won, I recommend to choose
   to go first, but you can choose to go second if you wanted to see
   your opponent's moves first. But I STRONGLY suggest to go first if
   facing Junichi. Like I've said before, dueling him is annoying and
   going second will only make it worse. Trust me.

9. Tips for placing monsters in the Monster Card Zone.
   If I had a monster with a big DEF at hand, I'll always place that
   card face down first before anything. It's best to defend yourself
   first, in my thought. If you wanted to summon a strong monster in
   face up position so you can attack, take a look first at opponent's
   spell/trap zone. If there's a card there, you might want to use a
   spell card to destroy it first before summoning. Or if you don't
   have a spell card, summon a weaker monster first so if it's a Trap
   Hole or Mirror Force, at least it's not your stronger monster that
   was destroyed by opponent's trap..

10. Tips for setting spells and/or traps in the Spell/Trap Card Zone.
    ALWAYS place one trap/spell at a time, unless you have a Fake Trap
    or Magic Jammer to prevent your opponent from destroying the trap/
    spell cards. You can place a lot of trap/spell at a time if you're
    sure that your opponent didn't have or have used up all of his/her
    Heavy Storm, Harpie's Feather Duster, Mystical Space Typhoon or
    Nobleman of Extermination.

11. Tips for summoning tribute monsters.
    The best monster to be used as a tribute, in my opinion, is your
    defensive monsters. Tribute an attacking monster if the monster got
    low ATK or if you summon it just to activate its effect like Sonic
    Bird or Senju of the Thousand Hands, or if there's no other cards
    in your field. If there's a card or more in your opponent's
    spell/trap card zone, if you can, destroy one or more of them first
    before summoning a 5 stars or more monsters.

12. Tips for activating spells and/or traps.
    Activate traps like Time Seal or Jar of Greed and suchs once your
    opponent is between his/her Draw and Standby Phase (you'll be
    prompted the question of "Do you wish to activate a trap or quick
    spell card?"). It'll prevent him/her to do anything toward your
    trap card's effect. If there's a trap card or more in your
    opponent's zone and you want to activate one or more spell cards,
    activate your spell card that you think as least useful first,
    incase one of the trap cards in your opponent's zone is a Magic
    Jammer or Imperial Order. If you have a strong DEF monster such as
    Mystical Elf in defense position and your opponent summoned Neo the
    Magic Swordsman or other monsters with ATK lower than your
    monster's DEF, don't activate your Trap Hole. Let him/her attack.
    But if you have a strong monster like Vorse Raider in attack
    position and your opponent summoned a monster with lower ATK such
    as Maha Vailo or something, also in attacking position, I suggest
    you activate Trap Hole since most probably your opponent will
    activate one or more equip card to increase his/her monster's ATK

13. Tips to play Yugi, Kaiba and Junichi a little bit easier.
    Well, I've posted some of these in NeoSeeker's cheat section but
    incase you missed it.
    a. Do you know that you can activate some of your opponent's trap
       card? The only condition to do this is for you to have at least
       one of below trap cards placed face down in your field.
       1. Waboku
       2. Robbin' Goblin
       3. Spellbinding Circle
       4. Crush Card (only if you have a Dark monster with ATK 1000 or
          lower placed on your field)
       5. Acid Trap Hole (only if you or your opponent have a face down

       The traps on your opponent's field that can be activated by YOU
       1. Crush Card (only if there's a Dark monster with ATK 1000 or
          lower face up on Kaiba/Junichi's field. Yugi didn't have this
          trap card in his card list)
       2. Spellbinding Circle (only if there's at least one monster on
          your field)
       3. Two Pronged Attack (only if there are at least two monsters
          on Yugi/Kaiba/Junichi's field and at least one monster on
          your field)
       4. Castle Walls (only if there's at least one monster face up on
          Kaiba/Junichi's field. Yugi didn't have this trap card in his
          card list)
       5. Reinforcements (only if there's at least one monster face up
          on Yugi/Kaiba/Junichi's field)
       6. Metalmorph (only if there's at least one monster face up on
          Kaiba/Junichi's field. Yugi didn't have this trap card in his
          card list)

       Now, how to activate it? Well, you'll be prompted the question
       of "Do you want to activate a trap or quick spell card?" if you
       have one of the trap cards I've listed previously on your field
       in face down position. Select "Yes" even if you don't want to
       activate them. After selecting "Yes", don't activate your trap
       card, instead hover your mouse above Yugi/Kaiba/Junichi's trap
       cards. If the cards I've listed above is there, there will be
       the word "Activate!" show up. Well, this is when you decide to
       activate it or not. This can sometimes help you, for instances:
       1. The monster(s) in your field is on defense position, none of
          them are in attack position. If you activate your opponent's
          Spellbinding Circle, then he'll be forced to choose one of
          your defending monster. You can freely summon an attacking
          monster without the Spellbinding Circle that can stop it from
       2. You have more than one monster in your field and you want to
          summon a pretty strong monster. If you activate Two Pronged
          Attack first before summoning, your opponent will be forced
          to destroy two of his monsters and one of your monster that
          was already on field. Then you can summon the strong monster
          without worrying the Two Pronged Attack will destroy it.
       3. If your opponent got some pretty weak monster(s) face up on
          his field, activating his Castle Walls, Reinforcements and
          Metalmorph will be helpful to prevent him from equipping it
          on stronger monsters.
       However, if it turned out to be Crush Card that you activated,
       it can be pretty stressful due to the fact that you'll lost all
       your monsters with ATK 1500 and above to the graveyard for
       the next three turns. But if you have Monster Reborn and/or
       Premature Burial on hand, Crush Card will be helpful to summon a
       5 stars or more monsters without tribute. Crush Card WILL NOT
       destroy monster(s) that were Special Summoned after its

    b. Relinquished is a good Ritual monster to have in your deck. This
       monster need Black Illusion Ritual spell card and one tribute
       monster only. It's better than any other Ritual monster cards
       that usually needed a lot of monsters to be tributed and didn't
       have ATK or DEF around or a bit above 2500, while Relinquished
       have no limit of how much ATK/DEF it can had so it's the best
       Ritual monster you can have. At first Relinquished only have 0
       ATK and DEF but you can activate its effect to absorb a monster
       on your opponent's field (absorbing a face down monster will
       resulted Relinquished's ATK/DEF to stay 0) and Relinquished will
       have the EXACT ATK and DEF as the monster it absorbed. Absorb a
       Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Kaiba will be sorry he ever
       summoned it XD. What will happen to the absorbed monster? It
       will be Relinquished's equip card. It's a good way to have a
       strong monster and eliminate your opponent's strong monster
       altogether. Also, if your opponent try to attack Relinquished,
       the equipped monster card will be the one destroyed instead of
       Relinquished and the damage you received will also be received
       by your opponent. And, if your opponent have a stronger card on
       his field and didn't attack Relinquished due to it's effect, try
       attacking the monster. Of course you'll lost and your equipped
       monster on Relinquished will be destroyed, but on Main Phase 2
       you can activate Relinquished's effect once more to absorb the
       stronger monster thanks to the fact that Relinquished's effect
       can be activated on any Main Phase as long as there's no monster
       equipped by it. Don't you just love Relinquished? ^^a However,
       there's one draw back on Relinquished which is its 0 ATK/DEF. If
       there are two or more monsters on your opponent's field with ATK
       higher than Relinquished's absorbed monster, it will destroy the
       equipped monster and destroy Relinquished too. I usually have
       some Waboku or Negate Attack handy to prevent this by letting
       one of the strong monsters destroyed Relinquished's equipped
       monster then activated Waboku or Negate Attack when the second
       strong monster tried to destroy the naked Relinquished. On my
       next turn, voila, absorb the strongest monster on the field and
       fire away!

    c. Once you have it, ALWAYS place one or more Wall of Illusion on
       your deck. This card had an effect of returning any monster
       attacking it to the owner's hand. It has a DEF of 1850 also so
       non-tribute monsters like Vorse Raider and Gemini Elf with ATK
       of 1900 are the only ones that can destroy it. Summon Wall of
       Illusion ONLY if your opponent had a strong tribute or fusion
       monster on his field. If your opponent's tribute or fusion
       monster attacked Wall of Illusion, it's returned and if there's
       no monster to be tributed or fusioned, you won't see that
       monster again for a while. Pretty helpful.

1. Once you've beat Yami Yugi (well, the real Yugi never showed up to
   face us in this game so it was actually Yami Yugi that we fought,
   right?) enough times, he'll began to have Exodia's parts on his deck
   and of course we know how annoying it is to have it beat us while
   we're winning (imagine, Yugi is 650 LP away from being defeated and
   tada, he had a complete set of Exodia in his hand. Ugh!!). But how
   can you tell whether Yugi have Exodia's parts in his deck or not?
   Easy, see Yugi's Fusion Deck. If there's a card or more in there,
   meaning he had Exodia's parts in his deck. If it's empty, no Exodia.
   Simple. But it's not so simple on preventing Exodia from being
   completed. First, you need to know whether Yugi already have some
   Exodia's parts in his hand or not. Examine Yugi's moves carefully.
   If Yugi have one or more cards on his most left hand (most right
   from our point of view) that was not played for a couple of turns
   eventhough there are monsters on his side that can be tributed to
   summon a 5 or more stars monster, it is most probably that it was
   Exodia's part. This is when Card Destruction is your only help.
   It'll destroy your cards on hand too but at least it'll prevent Yugi
   from completing Exodia.

2. Once you have three Neo the Magic Swordsman in your inventory, place
   ALL three on your deck. It's the strongest non-tribute monster you
   can have in Yugi the Destiny so it's your best bet as attacker.

3. Dark Magician is Yugi's trade mark monster but I don't suggest
   putting it on your deck. Dark Magician have an ATK of 2500 and need
   2 tributes. Summoned Skull also have 2500 ATK but only need 1
   tribute. If you want to tribute 2 monsters for a high level monster,
   it's better to use it for Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Tri-Horned
   Dragon that have ATK higher than Dark Magician. For me, Dark
   Magician is pretty much a useless card in Yugi the Destiny game.

4. When you have the complete set of Exodia's parts, you can place them
   in your deck if you wanna. You can have an instant win that way. I
   myself have beaten Yugi a couple of times using Exodia. However, if
   Yugi had Card Destruction in his hand, he'll have no doubt of using
   it immediately once he realized there are cards we didn't play for
   some turns and suspected they were Exodia. If you're using more than
   40 cards in your deck, then you might want to place Exodia. I never
   use more than 40 cards in Yugi the Destiny so I removed Exodia from
   my deck in later games.

5. Anti-Raigeki is one of the best trap card to have in your deck when
   facing Yugi. If you got more than one, then you might want to place
   more than one in your deck to increase the chance of it appearance
   before Yugi activated his Raigeki.

That should be all. Like I said, Yugi the Destiny was pretty easy so
you shouldn't need a lot of tips to beat Yugi.

Thanks for reading, hopefully it'll be useful for you. If there's
anything you can add to this tips, please feel free to e-mail me at
zell_alwayz@yahoo.com with "Yugi the Destiny Tips" as the subject line
(sorry, but I'll ignore other subject). Feel free to print it for your
personal use. You can also use this tips in your own guide or put it in
your website, as long you didn't change anytn in it and give me, as the
author, the proper credit. Obviously, I will be happy if you let me
know by e-mail first, but I won't mind no e-mail as long you properly
credited me. Oh, and DON'T MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT!!

This guide is created by Girl With Pigtail (that's me!) at December
2008, copyrighted to me of course. Find this tips and my other guides
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