Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny Cheats

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Get at lest 2 mystical sheep and kajezin and also monster reborn. Then summon kajezin and wait till he summons BEWD and when he attack kajezin uses kajezin effect against his BEWD that is make its attack into 0 and it will be destroy. Then use monster reborn and wait till you get polymezeration and 2 mystical sheep.D on't summon it but activate polymeziration and ta da, you get to use BEUD.
Control The Winning Cards
You must win only 300 on match duel and win 100 on singal duel to control the duel cards.
Does Yugi Have Exodia in His Deck?
There is a clue of whether Yugi have Exodia's parts in his deck or not. That clue is: Yugi's Fusion Deck Zone. If you didn't see any monster on his fusion deck zone, Yugi didn't put Exodia in his deck. If there's a fusion monster on that zone, meaning he put Exodia in.
Get first every time
Evertime you duel Yugi, you will need to play Rock, Paper and Scissors to see who goes first. As soon as that screen appears, wait for approximately half a second and then choose scissors and you will win.
Opponent's trap card activation by You
There is one cheat to find out if there is a Spellbinding Circle or Two Pronged Attack trap card in your opponent's field or not and YOU can also activate it at once.

First, there must be one or more card set (on reverse position of course) on your opponent's Spell and Trap Card Zone. Second, place one or more trap card(s) on your own field (it has to be monster affecting trap card such as Waboku/Trap Hole/etc, not spell affecting trap card like Anti Raigeki). Last, place one or more monster on your own field.

Now, for the cheat. Once your opponent set or summon a monster on his field, you will be prompted a question: "Your opponent set/summoned a monster. Do you wish to activate a quick play spell or trap card?" Even if you don't want to activate it, just answer Yes for now. Rather than activating your trap card, hover your mouse on opponent's reversed trap/spell card. If there is a Spellbinding Circle or more on his field, you will see the word "Activate!" pop out when you hover it. AND, even though it's your opponent's Spellbinding Circle, you CAN activate it if you wish. Just left click it and your opponent will bind one of your monster. You can do this for the reason of you wanted to summon a tribute monster but you don't want it to be destroyed if so happens the trap card your opponent put was a Trap Hole, so if your opponent only had one trap card on his Spell and Trap Card Zone and it's Spellbinding Circle that bind one of your monster once you activated it, you can just use the monster it bind as tribute. If you don't want to activate it, just push the Esc button on your keyboard or the right click on your mouse to cancel.


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To get all five peices of EXODIA the forbidden one
Beat Yugi 5 times in a row in the match duel and and beat him 7 times in the single duel. And then import your whole deck and then beat yugi 1 time in both duel modes. After that export your deck and then beat yugi 4 times in match mode then the screen says "save duel as replay data" press NO then it says "you won 5 limited cards for doing this cheat. Then go to deck construction and take out the following cards:Silver fang,Mammoth graveyard, Mystic clown,Armaill and metal dragon. Now your 5 peices is not in your folder, you must intstantly beat yugi by having your life points 4000 or more than u will find the 5 peices will be in your folder. Take them out and Beat Yugi in single mode one last time to use the 5 peices. Thank
To vs a pokemon ? warning: a glitch
Be defeated 5 times in a row and do the 5 peices cheat.