Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PSP) Cheats

Ys: The Ark of Napishtim cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP. Also see GameShark Codes for more Ys: The Ark of Napishtim cheat codes.


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Cheats : Normal Mode
Upon beating YS you're presented with cheats. Now start a new game, and enter the cheat menu, hit the crystals in this order: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, RED, BLUE, YELLOW and now attack the center pedestal with a downward spike. Now enter any of the codes for it's effect.
PasswordWhat it does
Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red, PedestalItem/Tool Limit Increased
Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, PedestalItems Cost 50% Less
Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, PedestalLevel 10 Cheat
Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, PedestalLevel 20 Cheat
Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, PedestalLevel 30 Cheat
Red, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, PedestalLevel 40 Cheat
Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, PedestalLevel 60 Cheat
Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, PedestalMax Out Blirante Sword
Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, PedestalMaxed Out Ericcil Sword
Blue, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, PedestalMaxed Out Livart Sword
Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, PedestalAll three Swords Maxed Out


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Unlockable Mode
  • Clear the option below to unlock a new mode in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nightmare ModeClear the game on normal Difficulty


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Before going to the "Final Bosses"
Before going to the The Ark,(This part is when you enter the cave or something(forgot what it was called)where before entering you see the Ark)I suggest you find all the treasures first then collect lots of emels to make your swords` lvls higher.(mine was all lvl 10)I suggest make it all lvl 10.
Now,when you reach the point where Olha comes,She would lead you to the Ark by using her flute.BUT I recommend you to go back to first to the Rehda Town to buy some Healing items or use all your money to buy the item that makes your MaxHP higher(forgot what it was called)Do this because you can never comeback again!!.

Now,by the time you come back to Olha(at the cave that I was telling a while ago..)talk to her and allow her to lead you to the Ark(actually she won`t lead you the big "thing" will lead you)

After that,you`re now in the Ark..
The First boss that you will encounter is the Galba thingy..
It is so easy!!!!(for me it is I don`t know with you..lol)
The Second boss is Ernst,I suggest use blue potions not capla ones cuz you will need them in the next one. In fighting Ernst I suggest use Ericcil just charge it by pressing the attack button rapidly,then when using the magic aim it at Ernst it will deal high damage I swear.

After the fighting with Ernst, The Ark would start to shake. I suggest you to go back and save.(I forgot to this when It was my first time to finish battling with Ernst because I did not know he was just the second to the last boss.And then equip your capla water.(by that time I had 3 or 4 capla waters.)

The Last Boss:
Battling the last boss is quite is but yet tricky(i did now know it was so simple to beat it.)All you need to do is destroy all the orb there are 3 orbs destroy them with the corresponding element.
Blirante = Red Orb
Livart = Blue Orb
Ericcil = Yellow Orb
After that there is the Last and final form of Napishtim,All you need to do is avoid getting hit as possible as you can.The one you should attack is the white circle in the middle(it is also the one that cast the laser)Normal attacks won`t work so use Magic.Use all Special Magics on the right time.After all is used use the capla and repeat this until you beat it. The. , its over you have finished the game

I hope this helps....
Kevin is not useless!
After you've destroyed the Romun Fleet and saved the Rehda Tribe, Kevin from the Rehda Village now sell the ultra rare "Vitality Seed" for 20,000 gold. The Vitality Seed will increase your max HP by 5! These seeds can be purchased as many times as you wish (as long as your inventory isn't full with 9 of them).
Longer Jumps and Travel Faster
Having trouble jumping those very long gaps? When you Jump "X" and hit Attack "[]" fast enough, Adol is going to do a forward stab,slash, or thrust (depends on which sword is equiped), when this is done, you actualy jump further than you normaly would. It's useful for jumping large gaps (which you will eventualy encounter) and to travel through maps faster. Not only you go faster, but you jump over all the annoying monsters!
Rehdan Feather
Once you acquire this item, don't use it yet! There will be a mini boss that can't be touched until your at level 55, and it's near impossible to level after level 50 without hours of grinding monsters! Only use it after level 50, complete the mini games, and choose "Level" once you finish it. It will level you up, complete 5 mini games and choose "level" for each one, you should be at level 55 and now you can fight that mini boss!