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Yoshi: The world's greatest babysitter

The good:

Still keeps the good old Yoshi’s Island gameplay and keeps it fresh. Most of the levels are pretty well designed and fun to go through. The baby-specific abilities had potential to really spice things up. The story adds in some mildly funny scenes.

The bad:

While it had good intentions, the extra babies only added headaches to the mix. Baby Wario and Baby Bowser felt especially tacked on. Ditto for the vehicles. The DS creates empty space between its two screens which can lead to some cheap deaths and missed egg shots that shouldn’t have been. The levels that aren’t well designed are pretty lackadaisical. The presentation is pretty bland.


Released in 2006 by Artoon, Yoshi’s Island DS is the sequel to Yoshi’s Island that tries to add more to the formula through different playable characters. How do these extra playable characters come about? Well, there’s been another mix up with the storks – once again, baby Luigi is taken away from us and it’s once again up to the Yoshis and baby Mario to rescue him. But they’re also assisted by baby Peach and baby Donkey Kong, and eventually baby Wario and baby Bowser. There’s more to the kidnapping of baby Luigi than just because, though it’s mainly got something to do with future incarn...


Really Good, Not Perfection

The good:

Alot of things are really good about this game. I love how the game is vast and tricky. I like the whole setup of the game, it reminds me of Yoshi's Story for the N64, because it is a side-scroller.

I like the the graphics, the good old, painting-like graphics are awesome.

I do love parts of the story in the game, like the cut-scene where you get Baby Wario and Baby Bowser, and how Wario ends up leaving, and how Baby Bowser turns on the team at the end (And trys) to kick our butts.

The whole storyline of the game, the problems, the plot, the characters, the graphics, etc, are all examples of a great 2D Yoshi-revolved platformer created by none other than the oh-so-beloved (and famed) Nintendo!

This game, was DEFINITELY worth what I paid for it!

The bad:

One of the things that I don't like about this game, however, is the difficulty level. The creators seem to be able to fit in ALOT of enemies in some levels, and like the huge spiky creatures that fall down and crush everything behind you, you have to run fast AND be able to jump- while running still. There are more reasons like this, but none are worth mentioning.

Another thing that I don't like, is the length. In usual games with Mario in them, there are eight worlds, in this game (yes I understand the main character is Yoshi this time) there are only 4 worlds, each with what, 8 levels? Anyhow, that is one thing I don't like, because I love the length of games that stretch for at least a compiled 10 hour radius including breaks, sleeping etc.

Other reasons why I dislike this game, aren't NEARLY as complicated or as "bad" as the others.

One other reason I dislike this game, is because of the way that Nintendo tried to fit the whole story of Yoshi and the Babies on one DS system, but this could be a reason the game is not as long as the rest

Eh, I have pretty much covered up this section. Those mentioned COULD have been improved. (in my opinion)


With a somewhat good Yoshi-based boss-filled game at hand, Nintendo COULD have improved upon in this game around the flaws I mentioned.

This is a good game, though, so don't let this review tell you otherwise. I am satisfied to say that this is one of Nintendo's better titles based on our favorite green Dino pal Yoshi, but you just gotta miss the old edgy graphics of the ol' N64 Yoshi's Story, am I right? I believe so.

And as I said earlier, this game was and I beleive still to be worth the money I paid for it!

Anyhow, this game is a good game, and I have no regrets in buying it and playing i...


Babysitting Has Never Been So Dangerous


The Mario universe has been the starting point for many spin-off titles that have developed into their own series. SOme of these have been more casual affairs featuring sports or party games with the cast as a whole taking the starring roles. Other spin-offs have allowed for some characters to flourish away from the plumber's shadow by placing them in the lead role. Yoshi's Island DS is an entry into Yoshi's own series of games that presents platforming action with a few twists to the standard gameplay that attempts to separate this game from the many Mario leap-athons that have come before...


4 More Babies..

The good:

- A new Yoshi’s Island game
- 5 different babies to use, each with their own special power; each special power adds a lot of new fun to the gameplay (more variety)
- Plenty of different colored Yoshi’s to ride on
- Same format and style as the first game for the SNES (overall look of the game; levels, bosses, etc)
- Graphics are as good/better than ever; sound works well at all times
- Great use of both DS screens; some gameplay/views use the other screen for high up or low secrets
- Lots of minigames to play
- New vehicles to use; a lot of fun and add new variety to the gameplay
- Many great levels to play, most being pretty long
- Lots of bosses and minibosses to fight!
- Red coin and flower collections in every level, and also character coins in this game
- Same great scoring system for levels
- Great uses for eggs, as usual

The bad:

- No stylus use
- Essentially, this game is just an exact copy of the first game but with new levels, bosses, vehicles, and babies/special powers; I actually thought that the first few levels of the game were taken from the first game
- It’s hard to know which baby you have to use next (when you see a stork station); there is a lot of annoying backtracking
- Better use of the second screen would have been cool; it is used, but not enough
- Same Yoshi morphs
- Same bonus challenges


Why change a good thing I guess? That pretty much sums up this game in a brief statement. This game is pretty much an exact copy of the first Yoshi’s Island game, just with a few additions. I am not saying that this game is bad in any way for that, just that I expected some more differences. This is a great game nonetheless, but I am not too sure if it is necessarily better than the first game (since it is so similar). The only real addition and new plus for the game is the new babies and their special powers that add new variety in the gameplay. Other than that, same exact game repeated mo...

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