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Yoshi's Story review

The good:

--Adheres to the old Yoshi's Isle game play.

--Theres always something more to get so you can play it forever.

Awesome music and FX.

Great 'Story' Line.

Cool game play and varied levels.

Creative, I mean who would of thought of a Yoshi engorging itself on all that fruit?

The bad:

I will admit that its rather annoying as far as hip drops go and how you cant do nothin.

Its not perfect, and can get repetitive if you get bored easy.

It isn't a multiplayer.


To win, eat 30 fruit and don't get killed doing it.
Advanced players go for melons and that is what provides challenge for even the best of the best.

This game has an opening video that says it all, but generally speaking its nuts in a good way, great music effects, and its as far as a story goes well thats what it is lol. But seriously, I had a really good experience with this game, and its very easy and very hard at the same time. Easy if you play it to kill Bowser as your final goal, hard to collect everything, I mean hard, not just to find, but to accomplish and collect.

Secondly it takes after its predecessor Yoshi's Isle in that you eat things to get eggs, hit blocks to get eggs, and generally romp around.

Thirdly the graphics are so fantastic since its 2D that I just felt like gaping at the brilliant colors, 3D effects, and smoothness.

Fourthly you advance from page to page picking different levels and it alters the end story line however you beat it. This game is just so good that if you havn't bought it yet, go out and buy it, cuz its the kinda thing thats fun to get out once in a while no matter how old it gets.

P.S. It isn't multiplayer, its a 2D one-player.

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