Yoshi's Story GameShark Codes

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Master Code (N64) North America Master

Master Code - Must Be On At All Times
DE000400 0000

Infinite Health (N64) North America

Infinite Health White Yoshi
800F8DCF 0008

Infinite Health Black Yoshi
800F8DD3 0008

Infinite Health Dark Blue Yoshi
800F8DC3 0008

Infinite Health Light Blue Yoshi
800F8DC7 0008

Infinite Health Pink Yoshi
800F8DCB 0008

Infinite Health Yellow Yoshi
800F8DBF 0008

Infinite Health Red Yoshi
800F8DBB 0008

Infinite Health Green Yoshi
800F8DB7 0008

No Sound During Gameplay (N64) North America

No Sound
801DCB9E 0001

Enable All Levels In Trial Mode (N64) North America

Enable All Levels In Trial Mode
810F8E5C 7FFF

Glitch Yoshi (N64) North America

The Glitch Yoshi Looks Like Missingno, but its not.
in this glitch yoshi, YOU CAN : eat pink fairies
eat green, red, blue, and yellow shy guys eat bad guys YOU CANT : eat black shy guys blue fairies eat tuilps or daisys (the tuilp has large freezing of it.) eat big hearts don't die or fall or it will freeze the game.
the code is :
800F8DB3 000A
800D3F78 FFFF