Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (GBA) Cheats

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 cheat codes.


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carry an enemy
if you needed a certain enemy to jump on but you killed it, go backwards and swallow an enemy but dont turn it into an egg. if you push b+ up you can spit it out without killing it.
As a precaution, I find it very useful to try to get the timer of how long little Mario can remain in the air. Sometimes you have to jump or cross something that takes a bit. With a high clock timer, you'll have time to get to baby Mario.
Easy Colored Eggs
Go in a place that there is a roof on top of Yoshi and shoot an egg at it. The egg will ricochet and bounce back to Yoshi very fast. Too fast! So as soon as you fire the egg sick with your mouth and you will have a colored egg!
Get yellow/red eggs
When you come to one of those red tulip-things that gives out stars, before you get your stars, try this: Aim an egg at the ground at an angle so that it will bouce off and hit the bottom of the flower. It will turn orange when it hits the ground and when it hits the flower it will fall to the ground. Now you have an orange egg. If you do it twice you get a red egg which gives you stars when you hit something.
Hard Mode
If you get 1000 points in 5 worlds you can play hard mode.
high seccond jump
if you play melee you'll notice yoshi's second jump is extremely high

to do that in the game jump on an enemy , and if you dont hit the ground you're jump will be much higher. I used this to beat a few levels easier.
How to make it easier to play those End-Of-Level games!
Every see that when you reach the end of the level, the game is always reached at the flower space? Well, those flower spaces don't appear in random numbers. You have to get them.

Now, you may be thinking, how do I get this space? Simple! During one of my playings of this game, I saw that when I got a certain number of flowers in the game, those flowers turned into the flower spaces, which made it easier to get the game.

So if you want to get the game without hoping it will land on that ONE flower space, hope no longer! All you have to do is try to get all the five flowers and you will have a better chance at those games!<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
lakitu's cloud
you can ride lakitu's cloud for a short while, then it will disappear

there are two ways to get his cloud

1. eat lakitu, DONT eat the cloud it will go away if you do

2. * preferred way * jump on lakitu, the cloud will stay there and you can fly around on it.

use the control pad to control it, it will disappear after about 10- 15 seconds, or if it hits an object or enemy
level 1-7
in level 1-7 it is very hard to get all 20 red coins. when you get to the red/yellow bridges get all the coins but don't finish go to the raised log and jump as high as you can, a jump shere will appear, jump on it and you'll go through a pipe. move the chomp rock and a winged cloud will appear, it has a beanstalk in it. climb it to get the final 4 red coins.
mini battles
on the level selection screen hold select and press l,l,b,a,r and you'll unlock the mini battles with the bandit. you can get free items buy doing this

more eggs from the plant
if you do a ground pound when a egg-shooting plant is on the screen, eggs will shoot out, so that if you get them all you will have six eggs.
Shy-Guy's life comes to you!
Get up to the part when you are in world 4, level one. Get up to the part when Shy guys are jumping out of a pipe. Get a Koopa shell, then stand on the hill, in front of the 2 red things that open a nd close their mouths. Make sure you have no eggs, then throw the koopa shell down. If you are standing right, the koopa sheel will come back, and go under a bit of yoshi's feet, making it jump a little. Don't worry. After a while, Shy Guys will jump out and will be killed by the shell. Now, listen to the sound, and it will get higher and higher (don't move). Just wait for about 2 mins, and 1 ups will appear. The most number of lives you can get is 999. We tried to get 1000, but failed. We know.


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Make Yoshi disappear
On Yoshi's island level 1-8 (the castle),get to the end and start to defeat Salvo. Stay off to the right near the lava.When you hit him the last time, he'll freeze. Very quickly jump into the lava. You won't die but Yoshi will be gone and you won't get to see the key.


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If you manage to total your world points to 777 exactly, you are rewarded with a 7UP.
Bouns Games
When you are on the level select screen hold Select and press L,L,B,A,R and you should unlock a new screen full of bouns games.
Extra Challenge
If you attain more than 700 points in a world, the Extra Challenge stage will be unlocked. This is essentially one of the challenges you can find at the end of levels.
Extra Levels.
Get 800 points in each world to unlock the Extra level in that world.
infinite lives
In World 1-7 take a rolly polly and hold it in youre mouth until you get to a green pipe that spits out shy guys. Spit out the rolly polly and jump out of the way and as the shy guys spit out of the pipe it will give you points and eventually 1up after 1up.(It can be time consuming have some fresh batteries.)
Mini-Games Menu
To access the mini-games without entering stages, hold SELECT and press L, L, B, A and then R, at the level select screen.

You should be presented with the mini-games menu, which allows you to play all of the mini-games available in the game and earn the prizes from them.
Secret Levels
Complete the game once through to open up six "Secret" levels, one for each world.
The Amizing Kill Yoshi Trick
Go to 1-7, now when you are nearing the end, at the red and yellow bridges, ground pound one. Now pause it and watch Yoshi go through the ground. Yoshi will die.