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Yggdra Union : Card Battles unlike any other.

The good:

I'll NOT be too short and sweet. =)

+The characters are drawn in anime style.

+Strategy RPG battle system. You'll have to place your units in certain patterns to enable them to participate in Battles (These are called "Unions"). It's a refreshing change from regular SRPGs.

+The music definitely goes with the situations in the story.

+There is a lot of character development in the story as you will see Milanor, The Male Protagonist, grow to become more responsible than just a regular Thief, and Yggdra, the Princess, as she struggles to uphold her sense of "Justice".

+The Break Out! Skill system from Riviera: The Promised Land makes a comeback in the form of "Skill Cards", like Steal, Revolution, Blizzard, etc.

+Critical Attacks. With high Luck stats, a character can SOMETIMES instantly kill an enemy Lead character, rendering them unable to use skills. This is certainly always a welcome relief for weaker characters who need leveling up.

The bad:

-Characters barely display any other expression; you'll have to look at their sprites and not the CG drawing to get their current emotions.

-No HP/MP/whatever gauge to see how your team does during battle.

-Very little CG cutscenes. I mean almost NONE.

-Battles can get annoying, and repetitive.


I already picked up the US version of the game.

Quote: Lacrima Castle.
Yggdra Union begins as Princess Yggdra Juril Altwaltz is forced to retreat from Paltina due to a fierce attack led by Gulcasa, an emperor who came to power in his own country only recently. With her, she takes the Gran Centurio, an heirloom passed down in her family for generations.

Yggdra soon runs into the king of thieves; Milanor, the "Silver Wolf." Yggdra fears for the worst at this point, but makes an unexpected ally as Milanor agrees to assist her. With his help, Yggdra will struggle to recapture that which rightfully...

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