Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (GBA) Cheats

Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Extra Contents
After clearing the game and finishing the credits, the following options are available if you collected specific items during your battle field session:

* Character Illustrations - Get Hand mirror of Utsmi from BF18
* Sound Mode - Get old music box from BF28
* Item Picture Book - Get item book from BF39
* Yggdra Game Records - Get Lithography of Mesara from BF44
* Card Illustrations - Get Revelations of Pantheon from BF47
Recruitable Characters
Character | Join at Battle Field | Conditions (How to get)

* Milanor | BF01 | From the start
* Yggdra | BF02 | From the start
* Durant | BF03 | Rescues him (stand beside him)
* Nietzsche | BF06 | You have 2 ways to recruit her
- Go down 2 squares from Durant's location to unlock the hidden map. Then, enter the town (3 squares to the right), and Nietzsche will join (equipped with the Coral Spear)
- After clearing the BF, Nietzsche will join (but not equipped with the Coral Spear)
* Rosary | BF11B | Defeats Roswell in BF10
* Roswell | BF11A | Defeats Rosary in BF10
* Russell | BF21 | Defeats Aegina and clear BF20. Rescues Russell in BF21.
* Cruz | BF23.5 (hidden) | Rescues him
* Elena | BF27 | From the start
Unlockable Extras
Character Illustrations: Possess Hand mirror of Utsmi from Battlefield #18

Sound Mode: Possess Old Music Box from Battlefield #28

Item Picture Book: Possess Item Book from Battlefield #39

Yggdra Game Records: Possess Lithography of Mesara from Battlefield #44

Card Illustrations: Possess Revelations of Pantheon from Battlefield #47


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Recruiting Units
Milanor: From the start (start of Battlefield #1)

Yggdra: From the start (end of Battlefield #1)

Durant: Rescue him by standing beside him in Battlefield #3

Nietzsche: In Battlefield #6, go down 2 squares from Durant's location to unlock the hidden map. Then enter the town 3 squares to the right

Roswell: Defeat Rosary in Battlefield #10 and he joins in Battlefield #11-A

Rosary: Defeat Roswell in Battlefield #10 and she joins in Battlefield #11-B

Russell: Defeat Aegina and clear Battlefield #20, then rescue Russell in Battlefield #21

Cruz: Rescue him in Battlefield #23.5 (hidden level)

Elena: Start of Battlefield #27