[edit] Background

Yetisports Arctic Adventures takes the incredibly popular Yetisports series one step further to the high-end console market.

It offers 6 unique games starring Yeti and his friends reaching from Pingu Toss to Yeti Dance.

Steer your albatross safely through the treacherous ice caves avoiding the snowball shooting polar bears or collect as many points with your flying Pingu as possible.

For players who want to enjoy the ultimate in technology, Yetisports Arctic Adventures significantly ups the visual quality and depth of play as known from the immensely popular flash games.

[edit] Gameplay

Free Flight ( PS2 + XBox + PC )
Fly the albatross through glowing rings, try to pass obstacles and don't get shot by the snowball throwing polar bear. Collect power-ups to win your race against the clock
Pingu Flight ( PS2 + XBox + PC )
Catapult the penguin in the air and let a albatross fetch him. The goal is to get as far as possible by collecting power-ups and steering Pingu to get all specials for a new highscore.
Snowboarding( PS2 + XBox + PC )
Slide down the glacier and fetch all penguins you see on the way to throw them on frozen statues of Yeti's friends at the end. Avoid the avalanche or you'll become "Yeti on the rocks".
Baseball( PS2 + XBox + PC )
Unleash Yeti's inner Babe Ruth and smack Pingu as far as you can. Once he's flying try to collect Power-Ups and bonus points to reach a new highscore. Watch out for the snowball throwing polar bear!
Half Pipe Racing( PS2 + XBox + PC )
After you got thrown on track by Yeti, try to steer Pingu through the course as quickly as you can, collecting as many points as possible. Go over the pocket watches to gain extra time for the race.
4 Square Challenge ( XBox + PC )
Try to get 4 squares connected in a row by playing your favourite Yeti games. Collect Jokers to confuse your opponent and chase after the highscore. You can win the game if you get 4 squares in a row but watch your opponent who tries to avert your plans.
Pingu Tennis ( PS2 )
Shoot the Pingus over the net, if the polar bear fires Pingu you get extra points if you return him, but avoid the Clown Pingu, as he will cost you points and time.
Pingu Darts ( XBox )
Use snowballs to knock the Pingu "darts" onto the arctic dartboard. Proof your aim in 3 different dart games and try to reach the highscore.
Pingu Golf ( XBox )
The "Green" becomes white when Yeti gets out his golf-equipment. Try to guide the Pingu-Golfball through the course by collecting as much points as possible on the way and into one of the holes. Harder to reach holes are worth more point.

[edit] Features

  • 6 exciting games starring the famous Yeti and his pals Pingu, Albatross and others
  • Fast-moving party game fun for up to 8 players.
  • Innovative, easy to learn, but challenging game-play
  • Each game has three unique levels allowing for endless hours of game fun
  • Including a campaign mode for 1 or 2 players following the Yeti's Arctic Adventures.
  • Stunning visual effects including a realistic environment making icy waters and glaciers come alive and a specially designed physics system.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Jul 7, 2005
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