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Everything you could hope for from a single player air combat game


Ahh Yager, where do I begin with this game that has had me playing for years...Well, lets get the basics out of the way: Yager is a linear campaign single player aerial combat game set in the future (but not way in to the future). Now my initial thought with this game was that because it was a linear campaign single player game (ie, levels played in order, you cannot take a different 'path', if you will), I thought I would be finished and bored with this game in a matter of weeks. Luckily, that was not the case, so lets see why:

We can start out with something obvious, which would be the gra...


Superb graphics let down by fiddly controls

The good:

Graphics, Design, Presentation

The bad:

Controls, Fluctuating Difficulty level


First the good things about Yager...

Graphics - possible the best looking xBox game yet, particularly the early levels. Gives a great sense of being a real world - lots of other ships flying around, ability to hide behind canyon walls etc. Missions - imaginative design of some missions, particularly enjoyable is the chase the sub down the fjord mission. Presentation - nice unlockable features and replay value.

Now the bad....

Controls - every button on the pad is used for at least two functions - in the middle of a battle the last thing you want is to be trying to remember which button release...

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