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[edit] Background

This is an exciting racing game where you select one of many trains and put them into one of ten diffferent landscapes. You race against 5 other trains for the ultimate 1st position. Tour mode is the mode where you can unlock trains and courses. You have to try and be aggressive and derail all opposition to even stand a chance of winning.

[edit] Gameplay

You choose either Tour, Free, VS or Grand Prix. You then select a fictional train from the menu. You can then choose whether to have opponents, controls etc. Once the race starts you have to stay at a reasonable speed and derail others while hoping you don't get derailed yourself. at the end you have to safely stop at a platform and if you're first you win.

[edit] Features

  • First and only opportunity to race trains on the Playstation 2.
  • Each train in the game has its own attributes - handling, acceleration, top speed, hill climbing ability etc.
  • 40 trains can be driven from the start. Each one has regional styling e.g. Union Jack for the UK, classic wooden vintage styling for San Francisco.
  • A further 40 weird and wonderful trains to be unlocked through the game including a dog, cat, skull and Sumo wrestler.
  • 10 tracks open from the start across varied locations including a city, mountains and open countryside.
  • A further 10 tracks to open later on as you pass tests and win races.
  • All tracks have multiple routes so you can ram off the competition and take short cuts on your way to glory.
  • Single race and championship mode.
  • Tournament mode means you have to be good at all disciplines (racing, ramming, pulling trucks and stopping) to be the champion.
  • Trial mode to hone your skills before you race.
  • Extras mode gives you challenges such as stopping a runaway train, drive a train with reverse controls and last man (train) standing.
  • One player and two player split screen modes.
  • A unique game in every sense.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Analog control compatible only, Memory card 8MB: 90KB minimum, vibration function compatible.

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Even though this game has entered new ground by being the first ever train racing...

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Release Dates
  • North America: Feb 20, 2002
  • Japan: Feb 21, 2002
  • Europe: Mar 18, 2003
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