X-Plane ver 5.52 User Reviews


X-Plane 5.52 published by XICAT Interactive

The good:

It has more than 40 aircrafts, including the Space Shuttle, X-15, supersonic Blackbird, and some surreal aircrafts. On the CD, it comes with a complete virtual world including most world major airports. Within the software installation, it included programs for modifying the X-Plane flight simulator such as aircrafts, objects scenery and airfoil parts. There is free download update of your X-Plane version. You could try the demo version before you buy it, however the Space Shuttle re-entry will not be available in demo mode due lack of scenery from the download. This game is aim to Flight Simulator fanatic like me.

The bad:

It contain a small manual instruction booklet within the retail box, but the information inside are vague. There are no aircrafts specifications to let you know critical info about take-off, cruising and landing speeds of your crafts. To enjoy this Flight Simulator you have to be knowledgeable in aerodynamic physic, otherwise it will be steep learning curve. The overall graphics are not as good as their competition MS Flight Simulator 2000 and Fly!!


WARNING; this game is not for everyone, if you enjoyed fast action, great explosion, loud boom, lots of blood, DON`T buy it or review it. You will find it boring. On the other hand, if you are a Flight Simulator enthusiast and you don't get enough of it. This is a good flight simulator to have. I recommend X-Plane.

The retail box displays attract me to buy this flight sim in 2001. It showed more aircrafts than my MS Flight Sim 2000 and Fly!! The installation is very basic. However to my surprise it offers other programs that interact with X-Plane. There is weather Briefer, Plane-maker, Wo...

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