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I remember buying Wolverine comics in the late 1980's. That is when my love for the character started. He was very interesting to me. Adamantium steel covering his skeleton. Claws in his hands that he was born with that were also covered in the unbreakable metal. A healing factor and heightened senses that made him next to immortal. All of his comics were packed full of action. I even enjoyed playing the Wolverine game for the SNES, and the fighting games for the PS1.

And when the X-Men movies made their way to the big screen I was worried about who would portray my favorite X-Man. But Hugh Jackman did a great job as Wolverine. And the movies did quite well in the theatres. I just hope that the X-Men games do just as well. I can't wait for X-Men: Legends to come out. And of course I'll be using Wolverine as my main character.

Wolverine is just like he should be in the game. His body movements. His claws. His healing factor and senses. All the best properties that make Wolverine who he is are in this game. And the game is never boring. Let's say that you have to take out four soldiers. No problem. Wolverine can attack several soldiers at the same time if you do a certain button combination. These attacks are unlocked when you collect dog tags in the game. And these attacks come in handy.

And if you need to gain some health, just put your claws back inside and your body heals itself. Just like in the comics. And using his heightened senses will help you out in certain situations. But the best part of the game for me was the stealth kills. When you sneak up on a soldier and BAM!! You kill him quickly and painfully. Too bad that there isn't blood in the game. But that would of changed the 'T' rating to a 'M' rating and probably would of hurt game sales since kids under 17 wouldn't be able to buy it.

And how can a Wolverine fan not resist a chance to fight Sabertooth? When my fight with the main bad guy from Wolvie's past finally happened I was excited. And even though the fight was tough, Wolverine was the winner. This game definitely had a comic book/movie feel to it. And being a huge Wolverine fan probably help me love this game. 10/10

There isn't any real complaint in this area. Wolverine looks great, in all of his costumed forms. All the other characters look great too. I never came across any glitches or slow down, which is good. I have heard of problems with glitches, but during my time playing the game it never happened to me. The levels look nice, even though you do one level twice. But even though you see the level two times, it has a slightly different look to it the second time in certain areas. 10/10

Even though the voice actor who did Wolverine in the cartoon wasn't used in the game Mark Hamill did a great job as Wolvie. Patrick Stewart was excellent as Professor Xavier, and the actors who did the voices for the rest of the characters did an excellent job as well. And of course, the good ol' SNIKT sound for Wolverine's claws was right on. Every time I popped out the claws and heard that sound it made my adrenaline rush and I wanted to kill someone. 10/10

The levels are not hard to finish, but some bosses are a real pain!! The worst boss of the game has to be Juggernaut. The camera angle and distance is what makes this so hard. When Juggernaut comes after you, you need to position yourself in front of a bar and then move quickly out of the way. And when Juggernaut sends these energy waves towards you it's hard to see when they are close to hitting your character. Magneto and Lady Deathstrike weren't this hard, and they are the two final bosses to beat. If it wasn't for Juggernaut being so cheap, I would of made this a perfect score. 8/10

Lasting Appeal
Unless you find all the items on your first time through the game it has some lasting appeal to it. There are files and costumes to find on certain levels on the game. The files give you info on the characters, while the costumes are for Wolverine and give him different looks while playing. I missed a few items after I completed the game and replayed a few levels to get all the items. Plus there are bonus levels (three) and it unlocks bonus video clips of out takes from the game, which are funny to watch. 8/10

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