X-Men Origins: Wolverine review
Wolverine in its true original form

The good:

Great graphics.

Good polished textures.

Good controls.

Enemy variety.

Instintive play.

Talking about the good things:

for being a movie based surprinsingly it doesn't turns bad, after playing this for 2 hours i realized its good fun, and it lets you feel the same thing the character on screen is facing, now its graphics are something to talk about and that the Nintendo company can brag about unlike a lot of games that the graphics aren't refined or polished finally we have one that it does what it takes to use some of the wii power, for a matter of fact this game is truly good when its time to realize some of its actions the controls are very responsive compared to other games.

Fits onto a good age rating?:

What make a big notorious difference of wii and PC/PS3/360 versions is that it isn't gory at all, should we see this as good or bad?, consider a moment to see what wolverine is in its true essence, a man with a ton of sadness , regret desires for revenge and a past that he does not remember at all, all those packed feelings are what makes wolverine a hero or antihero if you want to see it trough that way, x-men never has been of blood and killing, or disembodiment (some exceptions can be mentioned) basically this game takes what wolverine is mixes it with a great gameplay (although its a hack and slash game that according too many its get repetitive what kind of hack and slash game doesn't gets repetitive after a while?) and puts him in the center of all his trauma, what else you want to ask?.

The bad:

Repetitive actions.

Certain enemies are able to kill you very very quickly.

Bad camera.

About the bad things:

This game has many pros and few cons, the only thing that makes this game slightly less fun is that the lack of hints, and some too tough enemies rest a little fun, but still whatsoever we have a good movie based game


As soon as I bought this game and I started to play it I saw Wolverine not just hack and slashing, but more of its origins (as the title suggests), for being a based movie game it's very good and captures very well what Marvel intended to do in a game or in a movie with him. It's great we get to see Wolverine's conflicts against himself, or at least an aspect that for most of us was hidden. Nice polished graphics, good controls intuitive play of the game, make this title a true jewel between Nintendo has launched so far.

Some examples of why this game is good:

Most of us are accustomed to swing both controls in order to perform actions which in the end tires our arm, other are just a ton of button pressing and no good use of the wii capabilities. The programmers here did something ridiculously fun, mix a little of button mashing with specific ways to get through obstacles with the wii mote and you get a nuclear bomb for Wii.

Talking frankly this game isn't as impressive graphically as its PC/360/PS3 counterparts, but I'm not done yet, the other parts of this game is that it isn't bloody or gory as its counterparts. Should we see that as something positive? Sure the Wolverine of PS2/Wii is the right and moral one, while making harsh decision and some sarcastic commentaries using his reflexes, and adamantium claws he makes a perfect asset to Nintendo franchise, not bloody and gory it's just like the old good Wolverine that we are accustomed too.

For resuming this game gets from me a good high score due to be the very 1st wii title that I have seen so far that although follows the movie is not something to say that all those who own a Wii should try or rent this game.


The Wii version of origins has unique gameplay as expected of the Wii, if you are thinking that for a matter of fact instead of using at all whe wii mote you use the B and Z buttons to create combos.

Leveling up?:

In this game the experience you get from killing enemies will be used later on to upgrade your stats.

Combat style:

Wolverine uses a deadly mix between light and heavy attacks, some of them can do "Fury combos", these combos are identified by an orange mark that shows up when doing a combo, this marks will slowly fill your fury gauge.

Special attacks:

Fury attacks: only available once fury gauge is full shake the controls too see the words FURY on the lower part of the screen through shopping new fury skills you use several motions to create devastating combos that will make short work of the bosses and not to mention the hordes of enemies Wolverine will face through several stages.

AI (Artificial Inteligence ) : the enemies are able to put up quite a fight, their program makes them fight on teams and groups making not only one hell of a fight but truly challenging even on the most dumb of all difficulties they will not only surround you but use whatever weapons they have at hand to fight. If they have shotguns and axes, the axe wielders will come on to a easy fight due that in the mean time that they are attacking you the one with the guns will attack from afar, on later stages you will face enemies that use diferent attacks and strategies.

Conclusion: X-men Wolverine Origins Wii version is a jewel for Wii great controls, intuitive puzzle solving, a hiroshima bomb at your disposal.

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