X-Men: Mutant Academy (PSX) Cheats

X-Men: Mutant Academy cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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X-Men: Mutant Academy Cheats

Unlock Everything
From the Title screen and press Select,UP,L2,R1,L1,R2.
submitted by jesse and Renz Villlaescusa (lilrv86@aol.com)

Bonus Characters
Each time you complete Arcade mode you unlock a different character:

CharacterComplete Arcade Mode X number of times

Bonus Pictures
Beat any of the following in the correct Mode with the corresponding amount of characters using the stated costume to unlock the corresponding pictures in Cerebro Mode.

Pictures Beat Mode Character(s) Costume
Behind The Scenes The Game Normal All Movie 
Historical Comic The Game Normal All Regular 
Character Comic  10 Rounds Survival Any Regular 
Character Movie  20 Rounds Survival Any Movie 


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Alternate Comic Costumes
First, finish Academy Mode with an A Ranking for each character to unlock a third costume. Then, while selecting a character, press O to put them in a jazzed-up version of their comic book costumes.
Play as Professor Xavier.
Win 30 rounds in Survival Mode with Magneto.
Play Characters With Movie Costumes
Press Square when selecting your character to put them in an X-Men Movie style costume.