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X-Men, to get or not to get, that is the question

The good:

- Long gameplay
- Fairly good background graphics
- 15 characters
- Watch the enemies crumble sort of game

The bad:

- bad character graphics
- repetitive strategies
- the levels get boring after a while
- little variety of attacks and enemies
- way too easy


X-Men Legends features good team of superheroes that mashes through tons of enemies while getting experience. I got it as a gift so I'm not complaining, but it does need a bit of patching to make it better. The major drawback to this game is that it's way too easy (at least for me). There are some Danger Room Discs (training areas for experience gain) that boost your levels like a tornado, and enemies following don't stand a chance. Sometimes, you can KO a horde with one attack (true for Storm). It may seem challenging at the beginning, but near the middle-end, you'll undoubtedly find it ea...


Only Good With Mates


I am a marvel fan and as soon as I saw this I wanted to get it, mostly because I heard that you could choose your team which for me meant Nightcrawler and iceman with whoever was left XD
In reality this is more of a co-op thing than I thought and even then it gets annoying when you are fighting and your mate legs it meaning you either teleport to them or you can't see yourself on the screen because you are too small...

.:: Graphics ::.
The graphics are brillient,not quite realistic but it still has it's charms on me with some good effects (which this is really all about) and some excellent cut...



The good:

* Using the many X-Men characters.
* Easy learning curve.
* Two words: Danger. Room.
* Patrick Stewart as the voice of Professor X!

The bad:

* Loading time could be a drag at times.
* Not being able to use leveled up players the second time 'round.
* Graphics could be better.


I was a bit skeptic of playing an X-Men game. Having played the horrible Marvel titles released in the past to other gaming consules, I wasn't expecting much from this game. Heck, I even refused to play this game at one point because I heard the lead character was going to be a girl named Magma. Why not have good ol' Wolverine or Cyclops be the lead?

I grew up reading X-Men comics in the late 80s/early 90s and I've always thought that an X-Men game would only be good if it was made as a RPG. This was a good attempt at it but not quite the X-Men game everyone (including myself) have been loo...


Not quite worthy of Legend status

The good:

Good variety of playable X-Men characters. Excellent voiceovers/dialogue. A seemingly infinite amount of objects to destroy. Unique gameplay setup allows up to 4 player co-op play simultaneously. Unlockable art and original Marvel Comics covers for viewing. Good RPG-based character building system.

The bad:

Cutscene graphics look too cartoony. The fighting (except for boss battles) quickly gets repetitive. Puzzles aren't too complicated. Character combos aren't all that impressive. Some character dialogue quickly gets repetitive. Menus are complex. Short but frequent loading when accessing menus get annoying.


The latest entry into the X-Men franchise allows you to control up to 4 X-Men at a time in various missions against Magneto, Mystique, and other legendary X-Men villians. The story revolves around Allison, a young girl whose mutant powers have just begun to reveal themselves and now both the good guys and the bad guys want her for their own respective purposes.
The graphics are very good except in the cutscenes, where close-up the characters appear a bit on the cartoonish side, more like they were just cut and pasted in the scene. They also lack details especially in their faces. Environmen...


Could It Be Good?

The good:

This game is a tad different than other RPG's. I was reluctant to buy this game due to lack of hype about it, but I think I made the right choice when purchasing this game.

The characters were cell-shaded, so it's pretty cool the way they look, with vibrant colors.

The storyline is pretty well done, and the fact that you get to explore the mansion is pretty awesome to itself. Not to mention how you can awesome collect comic books in the game.

The variety of characters that you get to play as, is awesome astounding. You can switch it up, and change characters at save points, so that you are not stuck with the same team through-out the game.

The bad:

Well with the cell shading, it was also an excuse for the makers to not add much detail to the characters.

And the camera angles are hard to get used to.

That's about it...


This game is a pretty good buy for anyone that is either into RPG's or X-Men. Because it is an excellent combination of both, and further more, addicting.

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