X-Men: Destiny (Xbox 360) Cheats

X-Men: Destiny cheats, Codes, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.

Command codes

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Costume Codes
Costume Codes

Enter the code at the "A START" screen on the main menu.

Emma Frost's costume Hold (LB+RB) and press Up, Down, Right, Left, B, Y

Juggernaut Suits Hold LB+RB, press down, right, up, left, Y, B


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Think About It... (20)Make first power destiny choice
Destiny Begins (15)Select a Power
Choose Wisely (20)Make second power destiny choice
The Choice Is Made (20)Make third power destiny choice
Got My Eye on You (30)Join Cyclops and the X-Men
Magneto Is Right (30)Join Magneto and the Brotherhood
Splicer (10)Equip your first X-Gene
At Least It's Aerodynamic... (10)Equip your first suit
I've Got the Power (20)Fully level up a power
Fully Evolved (30)Fully level up all powers
Four of a Kind (20)Equip a complete X-Gene set and suit
Beginner's Luck (10)Complete your first Great combo
This can't be happening! (20)Complete your first Insane combo
How Strong Could It Be? (20)Trigger X-Mode
Broken Glass, Everywhere... (20)Break 30 Combat Text Pop Ups
Fight Terror with Terror (20)Defeat 10 enemies with one Ultra power
Side-tracked (10)Complete your first challenge mission
Taking Every Opportunity (25)Complete 10 unique challenge missions
Completionist (50)Complete all 15 unique challenge missions
Garbage Collection (10)Destroy your first piece of propaganda
Cleaned up the City (30)Destroy 25 pieces of propaganda
Profiler (10)Collect your first dossier
Archivist (30)Collect 15 dossiers
Purify the Purifiers (20)Defeat 2000 Purifiers
Mechageddon (20)Defeat 20 Purifier Stalker Mechs
Reinforced (20)Defeat 20 Prime Enforcers
U Mad, Bro? (20)Defeat 30 U-Men in the Secret Lab
The Goon Squad (20)Defeat 500 MRD Troops
Alpha Level Mutant (50)Finish the game on X-Man difficulty
Omega Level Mutant (50)Finish the game on X-treme difficulty
Can I Get A Valkyrie? (0)You were defeated 100 times
Beta Level Mutant (50)Finish the game on New Mutant difficulty.
Secret Achievements-