XIII review
XIII - its so good but i cant remember why.

The good:

The good things (and there are lots) in this game were: Weapons there was such a huge selection to choose from like the AK-47 and of course the Bazooka. Also the conversations between enemys were supringsly amusing And most important which made this game good is the fact when you play you WANT to discover more about the past of the man Jason Fly aka XIII.

The bad:

The bad thing (hardly any) in this game was the final boss fight the fact is with most boss fights in this game you have realise the bad guy always has a bigger gun.


XIII is one of those FPS which comes along to rival others like Goldeneye and Metroid Prime and though its not as good as them its a great addition to the FPS hall of Fame. Its got great gameplay and great graphics which make you feel as if your in a comic book story. When i first played the game i knew it was something different, alot different from the likes of other FPS shooters like Die Hard Vendetta and Red Faction2 it felt like a game i could actually jump into the game and be able to asume someone elses identity. The Game has a great option screen where you can view a list of 20 subjects who killed President Sheridan plus the ability to read and view important documents with regards to the plot of the game. To be honest i only briefly flicked through them but i think its a cute little extra which makes XIII an added bonus.

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