XIII (Xbox) Cheats

XIII cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easy generator level
Ok you may not get this on your first try but u will. The first generator will be on the first building on the right kill the guard that guards the building quickly or else he will hit the alarm. Pick the lock of the door and take out a shotgun kill them then destroy that generator. Then there are 2 other enemy's the one at the big gate is the last one you want to kill in that room place take him out and there is a small hut with the next generator. Then find the next door go to the left and shoot the one guy walking back and forth then go into the second hut or the hut on the right and there is a generator. Kill all the enemies around that whole room then finding the last generator is easy. Then find the latter and go up and listen to the girl.
Hostage taking in the Asylum
After you kill number XX (Dr. Johansson), look around his operating room for 2 med kits and about 15 knives. Get your stuff out of his safe behind the picture in his office as well as the key to the padded cell, with the nurse. Take the nurse (she is a willing hostage), and use you throwing knives to kill the guards. Fallow the halls back to the receptionist's desk and out the door to the garage, and your finished.
Don't kill any medical staff but security is ok
How to beat Mongoose easily
First the mongoose hides behind the central missile/rocket, stay on the other side of the rocket (where you climbed down the ladder) and when he appears blast him with your twin mini guns, also try and hit the missile side where he is and some gas will come out when he breathes it in he will go back to his side and start coughing (you will see it in the box) when that happens go round to his side and blast him, if you run out of ammo don't use the assault rifle use the shotgun. When he has taken enough damage the central missile will go down and will say "think your smart then find me". When this happens go around the perimeter of the area until you find him. Now is the time you use the a. rifle spray him in the face until he stops moving then launch 1 ar grenade AT HIS FACE! If you do this he will die instantly whatever the difficulty! I know it sounds complex but take my word its not!
How to kill bosses
When you meet a boss he will come in the front of you and scream and then just take up the Assault Rifle and blast him with a grenade in his face and then he will die or maybe so do you have to shoot a little bit more but not much but you have to hit him, works at al the bosses! and don't stand to close cause then you will also get hurt!
Perfect sniping
Ok....let's get started. Ok when you are sniping to kill someone silently just don't move the analog stick and wait for 5 or 6 seconds......after that XIII will stop moving, and you can snipe better
Secret areas
In the second area [by the hole in the wall], go through the first room and take a left in the room where the floor just crash open. Go down and you will find a bulletproof vest in the trash
After the sniper scene go down to the first roof area. on your left you will find a small upper roof with an emergency staircase. take it to the upper stage. enter the room open the locker to find a full medkit, bulletproof vest, and a gun
Sixth sense
To use the 6th sense, you must either stand still, or walk slowly ( when you crouch and walk you automatically walk slow), and when you do this you will see some "tck, tck, tck" where the enemy is. This even works when an enemy is behind a wall.


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Lock Picking skill
You get this on the second part of the emerald island level. you have to pick a lock on the first building and it's there! No more having that other woman take the credit.
Secret Area
In the ssh secret base at the third check point in the locker room there is a secret vent where you are under a security camera there is a gi right in front of you so hurry
Secret stash
In the Grand Canyon level, you will reach an area where you need to climb up a set of ladders and you are prompted that the chopper is waiting for you. Once you get to the top of the ladders, you will see a GI right in front of you. If you look to the left, there's a brick wall sticking out of the rocks. YOu can break it open and there's 2 medpacks and some ammo. This stuff comes in handy for the next part.