Xevious review
A fun shooter with a funny name

The good:

Simple yet engaging gameplay. Easy to learn controls. Good graphics & sound.

The bad:

Gameplay gets repetitive fairly quickly.


Yet another port of an arcade game on the NES, Xevious (pronounced "zee-vee-us") probably is more notable for it's rather unusual name than it's gameplay. In the game itself, you control a Solvalou fighter in an attempt to shoot down enemy ships and blow up bases using guns and bombs.
The graphics are simple although the terrain you're flying over has nice detail, and the frame rate's smooth and keeps the game moving. Sound effects come right from the arcade game and really stand out, especically the sounds of guns hitting indestructible objects and bombs exploding upon impact, but the repetitive music screams for the mute button. The controls are extremely simple & responsive, and an onscreen crosshairs above your ship makes it easier to aim your shots more precisely. There are a nice variety of enemies to battle, and every now & then you'll face a brief boss battle of sorts as you try to eliminate an enemy base. The appearance patterns of enemies is random which keeps the replay value high, and the longer you stay alive the more difficult it gets too, but it's not unmanageable at first. But eventually you'll see everything there is to offer and the gameplay then feels a little too repetitive.
If you're looking for a simple yet fun shooter, this is a good one for quick gaming sessions. The game has also been re-released on GBA as part of the Classic NES Series.

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