Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse review
Xenosaga: Episode 2

The good:

Simply amazing plot
Battle system has been made faster and gameplay has become overall faster

The bad:

Some of the voice actors have been changed
They took out of the tech attacks.


Xenosaga Episode 2 is the sequel to Xenosaga Episode 1 and it doesnt fail to interest the fans (well me anyways)

Simply amazing. There are less cutscenes but the story couldn't be better. If anyone is looking for a game solely based on story then stop reading and get this game because it has the best story I've ever witnessed. The story starts with the whole party who are docked at Second Miltia and still in pursuit of Albedo and the Zohar. In Episode 2 the story focuses more upon the story and past of Jr (Rubedo), Albedo, and Gaignun (Nigredo)

The battle system has changed a bit. Instead of the tech attacks you have to use the tech points for like in episode 1 you just have a series of buttons that do attacks. There is also a stock option that is new the system. The stock system allows you to spend an attack turn to allow a combo on the next turn. There is also a very nice addition to the battle system which makes up for the missing tech skills. These are called Double Skills. These have nice cutscenes where it shows 2 specific players cooperating to cause massive damage to the enemy.

Graphics/sounds: 4.5/5
The graphics nothing more to say Shion and KOS-MOS have been improved to show more of a mature look. The characters except Ziggy have had a clothes change and the E.S or the A.G.W.S as you know them in Episode 1 have been improved to show more of a sophisticated feel to the game. Also in Episode 2 the scenery has more of a nice pleasant feel unlike Episode 1 which had a lot of murky dark places. The sounds are also great. There are different voice actor for a few of the characters but there isnt much of a difference

Overall: 4/5
The game is pretty i would recommend renting it if you are not so focused on the story but if you're a fan of the series you will love this game and i suggest you buy it.

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