Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Tips

Hidden Map
In old Miltia, Go into the City, you have 2 sets of Binoculars. the first one is up a set of stairs and beside 2 trash cans. Look into the Binoculars at the park below. In the south east corner of the park, you will see something scribbled onto the pavement. It's a Map for the beach, with 2 X's Indicating the location of a hidden treasure chest, and the dark professors Hide-out.

I know, That map kinda made me flip out too, I could have used that map sooner but didn't think of finding it in the binoculars, but I guess they're there for a reason right?

(As for the second set of Binoculars.. If there IS a map in it, because I'm looking into it right now and can't find one, Please comment and tell me where it is.)