Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Tips

Database Updates
There are two kinds of Database Updates, the ones that you receive automatically by progressing trough the story and the ones you have to search for because they are hidden in chests.

Update File 1: Located in S-Line Division Sector 3.
Search the containers after opening the green path.

Update File 2: Located in Pedea Island, in the Dark professor's laboratory. Use the secret elevator (it's the chair) to reach the basement, there go right and you will find a chest and the grave of the professor's pet.

Update File 3: Located in the Elsa, use assistant Scott's computer to read ALL the Federal Reports.

Update File 4: Located outside of the Archon Cathedral, search for a big statue and shoot it 4 times to reveal a chest.

Update File 5: Located in the Isolated Research Facility. Use all 9 data terminal and a hidden room will be revealed, check the computer there to obtain the update.

Update File 6: It's in the forest path in Militia, between where you found Vergil and the path to the old church.

Update File 7: Located in Dabrye Mine, in the cave where the Elsa landed in.

Update File 8: Located in the East Sector of Miltia City. Inside a building.

Update File 9: Located in the second room on the fifth floor of the Neurosis Treatment Facility.

Update File 10: Located in Labyrinthos in Margulis' room. Margulis's room is located on the First Floor, just past the doors in the central hall area with the "Save" and "Shop" Plates. The chest with the Update is in the lower right corner.

Update File 11: Located in a "Hidden" E.S. core area inside of the Merkabah. Go back to the Merkabah by using the E.V.S. and go to where you met Sellers in the story-line, there you'll find a switch to open a door to the core, which can only be accessed by travelling with the E.S.s, go there and you will find two chests, one with the Update File 11.

Update File 12: Located in the Durandal, it's a chest in the Bridge entrance. Left to the elevator

Update File 13: Located in the Red Sphere on Abel's Ark. When you find 4 teleporters crystals of different colors inside of the Red Sphere, take the white one, it will lead you to the chest with the update.

Update File 14: Located in the Floating Landmass in the Ancient Temple. It is in the second floor with the movable bridges. When you come off the elevator, you will see four crystals floating above the area to the left of your screen. You need to move the first bridge up to that platform. Examine the first console you see. This console is located on the same platform as the elevator to this floor. This will move the bridge up to the area with the four crystals. Fight the Gnosis that appear, and grab the update file.