Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Tips

Best Character Revival Tips
Get your characters Killed ?,probably you will use Revive M or safety and best ally ,but how about if they're running out or low of EP ? E.p recover may be the solution but they're only recover very little amount of Ep ,almost insufficient to execute Ether strike ,but here's a tip how to revive your characters with FULL performance ,first cast best ally or safety on at least one of your characters and to get this tip work make sure to stockpile a large or any amounts you want an item called "Seven Moons" and here's the magic, once the character/s get killed (make sure to have best ally or safety casted) in low E.P, the revived or survivor should use the Seven moons to the killed characters he/she will revived with full HP and EP ,do the same for another killed characters i believe this tip will be useful