Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Tips

ES Special Attacks (Anima Awakening)
Level 1 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 3, when you first board your ES on the Floating Landmass.
Level 2 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 6 at Labyrinthos, after securing new Vessels of Anima.
Level 3 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 8 at Abel's Ark, after destroying the bosses within the four spheres.

ES Asher:
1 Shot Buster: Single medium beam attack
2 Flare Buster: All large fire attack
3 Cerberus: Single massive lightning attack

ES Dinah:
1 R-Fang: Single medium beam ether attack
2 X-Buster: All large beam ether attack
3 X-Cannon: Single massive beam ether attack

ES Reuben:
1 Iron Blade: Single medium physical attack
2 Garuda's Wrath: All large lightning attack
3 Lotus Blades: Single massive beam attack

ES Zebulun:
1 Aird Star: Single medium beam ether attack
2 Aird Rain: All large beam ether attack
3 Meteor Burst: All massive fire ether attack