Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Tips

Special clothes
Allen's swimsuit: After beating the game save your "clear data", load it and you'll have Allen's Swimsuit

chaos Flawless: Do the same you did to get Allen's swimsuit

chaos' Swimsuit: Go to the Floating Landmass Crypt through EVS, there use the console at the entrance to the temple to gain access to a secret area.

Jin's Swimsuit: In Labyrinthos in a treasure box in Margulis's Room

Jr.'s Swimsuit: In Miltia World Map right side open a treasure box.

KOS-MOS D Unit V1: It can be bought at the store

KOS-MOS' Swimsuit: In Elsa E.S. Bay, first complete the Segment Address, access this data to confirm completion and then talk to Theodore.

MOMO's Swimsuit: In Dabrye Mine's Entrance, first defeat Mai, then return to entrance and play with the crane game a few times.

Shion Research Uniform: You have to steal it from Red Testament's ally.

Shion's Swimsuit: In Pedea Island, West Side through EVS, search Shion's housing for a treasure box.

Shion White Shirt: Steal it from Red Testament.

Ziggy Swimsuit: Clear advanced Hakox levels.