[edit] Background

Xenosaga 3 takes place a year after Xenosaga 2. Shion resigned from her Vector Duties due to her discovery of the company's role in the Gnosis phenomenon, and the funding of KOS-MOS has been cancelled. KOS-MOS will square off against an updated model of herself sent by enemy. The game centers around Shion, chaos, The Zohar, and Wilhelm, Vender's director. Also, Albedo is returning to the game, as he is not out of the picture yet.

[edit] Gameplay

  • powerful tech attacks
  • similar gameplay to the prequels

[edit] Features

  • Over 8 Hours of Movies Including Voiced Cut Scenes - Pre-rendered cut scenes and real-time cut scenes with dramatically enhanced models, as well as in-game voiced cut scenes with anime-style 2D portraits unveil an epic story.
  • The Exciting Conclusion to an Epic Trilogy - Building on the deeply philosophical and existential storyline of the first two titles, the concluding chapter in the series brings closure to the remaining mysteries in the highly acclaimed story.
  • Updated Battle System - Battles are intuitive and fun, combining the best aspects of the first two games' battles, while introducing the new Break system.
  • Customize Your Characters - A branching skill set promotes character specialization and diversification. Strategic party management is more highly rewarded, adding another level of depth to game strategy.
  • Money/Shops Are Back!- Buy, barter, and sell any items or equipment, allowing you to upgrade your characters and E.S.s frequently.
  • An In-Game Database is Your Veritable "Xeno Bible"- An easily accessible database of every detail: important events, people, items, keywords, locations, weapons, back-story, phenomenon, townspeople, associations and companies.
  • Challenge Yourself and Friends with new Mini-games - With 60 pre-made levels to complete, the Xenosaga puzzle mini-games add a new type of challenge for the player, and rewards his performance. The mini-game map editor also lets players create, play and share their own custom maps with friends.

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When I heard this game came out I had high expectations. Being the final chapter of...

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