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Xenoblade Chronicles is a sci-fi RPG developed by Monolith Soft (Xenosaga) featuring open-world exploration and real-time combat. Originally released as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii in 2012, Xenoblade Chronicles was eventually ported to the New Nintendo 3DS platform with support for NFC-enabled amiibo figurines and the handheld's stereoscopic 3D display.

The game's world is set on the remains of two ancient giants that perished fighting each other in a world of endless ocean. Eons later, these titans are now home to two races locked in a struggle of survival against each other: the humanoid Homs and the mysterious Mechon. When a young Hom named Shulk manages to wield a legendary weapon called the Monado, he sets off on a journey to stop the Mechon.

Xenoblade Chronicles is designed to accommodate a large world with seamless environments and enemies to engage in combat that unfolds in real-time. In addition the main journey, players can maintain contact with a cast of unique NPCs with a wide variety of side quests. A real time day-and-night system affects the environments and settlements, to give the impression of a living world as NPCs have their own daily schedules that players may need to take into account for any interaction.

Players control a party of characters in combat, each with their own special attacks called Arts which can be activated once enough auto-attacks have landed. The battle system is reminiscent of MMORPGs as each party member builds enmity from enemies through attacking. Shulk himself can use the Monado to predict enemy attacks and allow players to react accordingly, though the weapon itself can only be used on certain enemy types. This is where backup from other party members becomes important. Players can build relationships between party members to increase their effective in battle as well as other gameplay systems like crafting.

This game is also known as Xenoblade in Japan.

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New 3DS exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3D confirmed for April 10 launch in North America

Absolutely unplayable without the New 3DS' extra joystick nub... I guess

Feb 06, 2015, by Rory Young | 18 comments
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D announced for western regions, updated Wii RPG exclusive to New 3DS

Perhaps not a killer exclusive, but an exclusive nevertheless

Jan 14, 2015, by Rory Young | 8 comments
Xenoblade Chronicles launches early for Canada

Only one day ahead of US street date, but what a way to ring in the long weekend

Apr 05, 2012, by Leo Chan | 4 comments
Xenoblade Chronicles confirmed for release in North America

Launching in April 2012

Dec 02, 2011, by Dany Argueta | 3 comments
Nintendo being petitioned to publish three Wii RPGs in North America

Operation Rainfall is not taking "no plans" for an answer

Jul 06, 2011, by Dany Argueta | 4 comments

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http://neo.ly/1Oku4hZ I called for it, and sure enough, Xenoblade Chronicles has its wider release, only on Nintendo New 3DS! :XD; XenobladeChronicles3D


link name=I called for it,] http://neo.ly/1Oku4hZ [/link] and now Xenoblade Chronicles has its wider release, only on Nintendo New 3DS! :XD; XenobladeChronicles3D 3DS

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Absolutely incredible game that deserved a much wider release than it got. XenobladeChronicles3D
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