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With Destiny: The Taken King came an update to version 2.0.0. Included in 2.0.0 were tons of... posted Yesterday

2 days ago
added 4 cheats to FIFA 16 (XBOXONE)
2 days ago
added 5 new concept art to Far Cry Primal (XBOXONE)
2 days ago
added 4 new screenshots to Far Cry Primal (XBOXONE)

Bethesda boasts Fallout 4 has been built upon a new and improved layer of Vault-Tec, leaving... posted 2 days ago

EA announced last month that Star Wars: Battlefront would be receiving a multiplayer beta in... posted 2 days ago

Oct 06, 15 5:52pm
added a cheat to FIFA 16 (XBOXONE)
Oct 06, 15 5:25pm
added a cheat to LEGO Dimensions (XBOXONE)

Far Cry 4 just came out last year, but that's not going to stop Ubisoft from bringing more first... posted Oct 06, 15 1:05pm

Oct 05, 15 3:02pm
added 2 cheats to LEGO Dimensions (XBOXONE)

We've all had it happen to us at some point or another. One game has your controller's buttons act... posted Oct 05, 15 11:30am

Update: Xbox Live serves are coming back up over the last hour. No doubt the support team will... posted Oct 01, 15 2:18pm

When Eidos Montreal and Square Enix announced the augment your pre-order program for Deus Ex:... posted Oct 01, 15 8:24am

LEGO Dimensions will be around for the long haul. Publisher Warner Bros. recently announced that... posted Sep 28, 15 12:27pm

Mario isn't the only one celebrating 30 years this year. Marty McFly, Emmett Brown, and the... posted Sep 29, 15 12:26pm

Sep 28, 15 1:09pm
added 14 new screenshots to Ori and the Blind Forest (XBOXONE)
Sep 28, 15 1:09pm
added 12 new screenshots to One Piece: Burning Blood (XBOXONE)

What do Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold, Bruno Mars, Van Halen, Lady Antebellum, and U2 have in... posted Sep 28, 15 9:41am

Console wars don't do anyone any good beyond ego stroking. Timed or even exclusive DLC on any one... posted Sep 28, 15 8:47am

For a while it seemed as though Mighty No. 9 was nothing more than a pipe dream. The game was posted Sep 25, 15 2:49pm

It's that frightfully fun season where kids and kids at heart are pulling ghoulish pranks on those... posted Sep 24, 15 1:13pm

Fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie trilogy have asked Rocksteady for a Batsuit to go along... posted Sep 23, 15 2:46pm

Are you good at fantasy sports but suck at playing competitive video games? DraftKings has you... posted Sep 23, 15 1:18pm