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Username GamerTag Score Zone Country Links
mewtwo_master BA big abood 330227 US Games
zFerus zFerus 256483 US Games
TOO Taco Bob TOO Taco Bob 233438 Recreation US Games
Comeiro Comeiro 215940 US Games
LegendRaySTR3 LegendRaySTR3 148102 US Games
Trippze Trippze 143785 US Games
Mr Terrible Mr Terrible 141340 US Games
Distortion Xynvincible 136215 US Games
Mighty Mewtwo Shadow Quaker 128985 US Games
MattchuLB Missior Mattchu 127702 US Games
LeoAscendent Leo Ascendent 126992 US Games
Rcars4885 StrongProtector 126675 US Games
DarkSuika Dark Suika 125280 US Games
hot man Ross Wyatt 120855 US Games
Jet2x5 HARDLUCKDUCK 120650 US Games
DocQueso Doc Queso 117215 US Games
Capoland UndefinedChase 115375 US Games
Fermentor Fermentor 115043 US Games
Shinobi_razor ShinobiGarth 114335 US Games
Term180 Term180 113221 Pro US Games
Hollywood Pittster CharGP02A 109930 US Games
Jeff Fanatic BecomingDeath13 109874 US Games
TheEnd117 xSHTx The End 109055 US Games
Mave Zero Mave Zero 108577 US Games
BARFIE AKA Fenix 107623 US Games
blue flame Tetaku 106818 US Games
Branden2010 The IronFrogMan 104944 US Games
BkLiveWire BkLiveWire 103446 US Games
Onyx Oblivion OnyxOblivion007 102665 Recreation US Games
Turkeyfoot27 Turkeyfoot27 100674 US Games
StormbringerGT StormbringerGT 97127 US Games
Julisanoske15 xvxKIDxvx 95913 US Games
Kushluk Shimazu Kushluk Shimazu 93252 US Games
SunnyD212 Denzel1992 91810 US Games
ZcoreCA ZcoreCA 90627 Recreation US Games
sycro21 Sycro 89710 US Games
Cptcocoa Cptcocoabananas 89458 US Games
HeavensDemise HeavenOrHell 87732 US Games
baked ant baked ant 87575 US Games
StruggleWithin Struggle Within 87168 US Games
Lavitz drJoofro 86610 US Games
turlis12 Bcat8907 86069 US Games
Kiggy Kiggy429 84227 US Games
MastaChief DeathEatah 117 83670 US Games
Emmortal Emmortal87 81580 US Games
DoG65 DoG65 79125 US Games
Sc0rpius X Sc0rpius X 78370 US Games
Darkness1000 Darkness1000 76190 US Games
ChopperDave00 ChopperDave 00 75947 US Games
Dethfan ExcrementHammer 75685 US Games
Interface23 Interface23 75638 Underground US Games
KoA xBIGxBOSSx KoA xBIGxBOSSx 75630 US Games
UdaiTongpuTaxim EVIL 1337 74781 US Games
Chaosdemon Chaosdemon187 74560 US Games
Master of the VG MasteroftheVG 74257 US Games
OmniCloud Chief KP 72313 US Games
Kienenloe kienenator1 72015 US Games
Travis Combs EvilTrovis 71875 Recreation US Games
Kneepad Kneepad 71608 Recreation US Games
HeyKnee HeyKnee 71427 US Games
Ncjpr1993 Electr0Jesus 71197 US Games
FearTheLiving FearTheLiving 70529 US Games
VA1N VA1N 69740 US Games
LordViking Lord Viking 69490 US Games
TheGrimReaver TheGrimReaver 68773 US Games
Sereph TalkingToaster 68110 US Games
Solx S0LX 68093 US Games
Paper Mario Dude TH3 BR3ViG 67850 US Games
vampiricdemon69 vampiricdemon69 67658 US Games
DragonMaster Dyne BayAreaMadSkill 67638 US Games
BioHazardWolf BIOHAZARDWOLF11 67295 Underground US Games
madmike0148 madmikes death 67251 Pro US Games
Brody Beatdown Brody Beatdown 66884 US Games
BrodyBeatdown Brody Beatdown 66884 US Games
Mrgrimmz mrgrimmz 66780 US Games
McGraw99 McGraw07 66564 US Games
belowradar belowradar 66455 US Games
TheMCnader TheMCnader 65413 US Games
Spartan11890 Spartan11890 64470 US Games
malfor86 Surgos 64143 US Games
Rufio13 Cleric Rufio 64067 US Games
Psycho 714 Psycho 714 63976 US Games
mariner Shihoku101 63798 US Games
Shaunomenon Shaunomenon 63460 US Games
LOD-squa xCpt Kenpachix 63324 US Games
Shibby Shibilay 63229 US Games
nexus_nick Slowblo 62917 US Games
bitaru bitaru 62274 US Games
LordVulcan Black Mafia4250 62239 US Games
eviled EviLEd76 62234 Recreation US Games
CountJagv Jagdedged 62085 US Games
StrikeDC23 INT BRAINDAMAGE 61963 US Games
Darknet SmoothRide 61859 US Games
VnV_Ecstasy DisgusterFace 61730 US Games
mumit626 MumitTauros626 61612 US Games
Mad Clown The Mad Clown 61450 US Games
xdemosthenes xDemosthenes 61410 US Games
Berserker Berserker Kev 61035 US Games
gogt200 gogt200 60868 US Games
cokesmokes16 TheFattestStud 60608 US Games
Maledar Maledar 60365 US Games
jonnyblack1301 DecidingReaper 59704 US Games
Wu kingdom Wu kingdom 59638 US Games
Ever Faith fatboy faith 59586 US Games
superscotch24 Christopher5680 58891 Pro US Games
Zorravin TCC KEVdog360 58152 US Games
Euphony Adrim 58110 Recreation US Games
Link 20 Uncle Conker 57643 US Games
batfan13 IoSonoX 57140 US Games
Shadow Soul Cryozone 56447 US Games
Arch27 BK Arch 56278 US Games
Joeythe pkmon master AntiShad0w 56006 US Games
Guns A Blazing GuNs A bLaZiNg 55993 US Games
Storm CTC1 55725 US Games
CTCFirebird CTC1 55725 US Games
DoubleA67 Enric0 Palazz0 55547 US Games
SonicKid Hiii im awesome 55484 US Games
SLYFOX109 StephenGenocide 55374 US Games
Soul Hunter For Zamunda 55143 Underground US Games
DaRkEn1316 DaRkEn1316 55022 US Games
Deadcat 712 Deadcat 712 54835 US Games
thatwalkthroughguy earlofillusion 54615 US Games
MrPokeMAN Coach Gallagher 54577 US Games
Salem590 II The Sheev II 54473 US Games
Arcanium Arcanium 54197 US Games
SourNotHardcore SourNotHardcore 54191 US Games
PlutonicJoker69 Plutonicjoker69 53880 US Games
Semjax CB Avenger 53853 US Games
silvereagle297 DreadKnight297 53064 US Games
endlessjon endlessjon 52628 Underground US Games
xLEG3NDx xGBx xLEG3NDx 52560 US Games
Assassin 45 Assassin 45 51869 US Games
FenirXX54 DarkTiberium 51620 US Games
nightbringerx16 Nightbringer16 51556 US Games
PossiblyRoman Possibly Roman 51338 US Games
U_know_who ForchDesole 51156 US Games
Kalekemo kalekemo 50918 US Games
Im Rabid Im Rabid 50902 US Games
xffpkevinx kamikazedreamer 50690 Recreation US Games
Mexican_772 PowerfulHippo 50391 US Games
Raychul Raychul 50232 US Games
HopesFlameX HopesFlameX 49991 US Games
Kisom Kisom 49942 US Games
cowens39 COLTSINDY18088 49720 US Games
gmgjets Infamous Moan 49687 US Games
YBovr YBovr 49579 US Games
SM42 Tornd 49557 US Games
GameFreak101 RadBeans360 49486 Recreation US Games
capnsprinklz capnsprinklz 49470 US Games
DianWei04 ThorCrusher 49340 US Games
mlamma mlamma 49279 US Games
Demon Killer102791 KMS1661 49224 US Games
SilenceWarrior SilenceWarrior 48857 US Games
Combo Reversal Combo Reversal 48701 US Games
Evil Black Mage Dying Breath 48592 US Games
Miragedres miragedres 48554 US Games
Gruntkiller FlaredCrossbow 48511 US Games
Dkrum879 Krum007 48510 US Games
pooOBKp pooOBKp 48405 US Games
LandoC pooOBKp 48405 US Games
Reminis ReminiS 48333 US Games
Megageek Megageek 91 47909 US Games
edge264 edge264 47894 Pro US Games
Dakronn Dakronn 47756 US Games
Jak66 Guardian Gunman 47755 US Games
Delgaru JoeReaperBob 47698 US Games
Havoc2708 Havoc2708 47680 US Games
Boysbigbig NOTORIOUSP1MPNC 47483 US Games
Rude_Boy_Loves_SKA GI DeVries 47305 US Games
Bagocat GT the Zilla 47168 Underground US Games
bruwl doinkz 47096 US Games
AnimeJK Reccadin 47054 US Games
Affubalator Affubalator 47000 US Games
Ariellog xJestersmilesx 46929 US Games
Seproth Seproth 46775 US Games
CurryWasShott BreakFuzion 46774 US Games
Chococat277 kaciekace 46715 US Games
NoDice Toad2 46641 US Games
LordHollis LordHollis666 46580 US Games
Mixlplix Superchin26 46472 Recreation US Games
ice0berg Striker 097 46451 Underground US Games
Daigoji_Gai Daigoji Gai 46374 US Games
TestamentX2 TestamentX2 46371 US Games
clonesniper666 clonesniper666 46263 US Games
Da Space Bandito SPACE BANDIT0 46192 Recreation US Games
Hated Greatness Hated Greatness 46094 US Games
finalfight iamBQB 45501 US Games
Bigmanvt Bigmanvt 45155 US Games
Hitorijun Hitorijun 45078 US Games
BambiOmega BambiOmega 44969 US Games
CynicalBlue Odin Ryuuto 44940 US Games
random_gamer RandomGam3r 44817 US Games
super sonic ultra Com Antilles 44810 US Games
matt the moogle Matt SLAY3R 44709 US Games
The Link Master STaRBuRstZz 44501 Underground US Games
DuceLord DurkaBoy 44292 US Games
wolfewaskilled W3REWOLFE 44203 US Games

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