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Username GamerTag Score Zone Country Links
Fluffytoast Nerotic Shadows 134415 UK Games
Fourth Dimension I CyDoNiA I 128760 UK Games
Fermentor Fermentor 115043 US Games
FinalFantasyFanaticc Shadow Warlock 106430 UK Games
FierceBrute Fierce Brute 06 93962 AU Games
Fierce Brute 06 Fierce Brute 06 93962 Games
FateXeroSaber FateXeroSaber 70979 Games
FearTheLiving FearTheLiving 70529 US Games
FelixofMars FelixofMars 69621 UK Games
franklinwoods ImmortusWood 61744 Games
freshmeat666 SpiffiestJester 51637 Games
FenirXX54 DarkTiberium 51620 US Games
Fortyhalf Fourty Half 50462 Games
Fortitudo R3D x ToXiCzZ 49054 Games
FlaredCrossbow FlaredCrossbow 48511 Games
FearedShad0w FearedShad0w 46648 Games
Foquinha Rei EVA00 x 46558 Games
Fearytalepr fearytale 45555 PR Games
finalfight iamBQB 45501 US Games
FondaCox SneakyGoblin 44120 IE Games
Flagman Chaos Commander 41460 UK Games
FroznFlames FroznFlames 41098 Games
Fih113 YmPs Cor0siv3 39913 Games
fisher44 Fisher44 37531 CA Games
Fu-Su-Lu IR0N MANT1S 37430 US Games
Fast Kid 10 Driftnut753 37332 Games
ferwindjacks Savage Ruger45 36715 Games
FitRaptor metal jowe 32509 Games
FableWarrior13 FableWarrior15 30565 US Games
frisko316 One W1ngd Ange1 30520 Games
fayt71 fayt71 30480 Games
firedragon36 firedragon36 30393 Recreation US Games
fbug2003 fdog2003 30205 US Games
flame14 FlameRhino 30099 Underground Games
friskymosquito friskymosquito 29829 SG Games
Frosty2 xFallen Deityx 29280 US Games
Fanatic Of All Dkid911 29127 UK Games
Fury Fury Sh0t 27593 US Games
Fenrir67 Zachy Zachy 27100 US Games
foxfootball30 foxfootball30 26865 US Games
Flakey naded 25462 Games
Flain123 Flain1 24648 Games
FleaJr FleaJr 24055 Games
Fitz902 nova1686 23520 Underground US Games
Fleabrain Crimson Flea 23245 US Games
farren99 LawlessFazza 22588 UK Games
Futboller ESSIENbIaster 22265 US Games
Firelight Chrisolas 20991 UK Games
forestloyal pezard 20900 -- Games
Fergder Fergder 20689 Games
Foundy_Fritz Fritzers 20364 Family UK Games
Fauve Munerpile 19507 US Games
FatHeadLovell FatHeadLovell 19465 UK Games
frostypookie EDman1223 19405 US Games
fckinmetal1332 ScytherUsedFly 19235 US Games
FallaciousFenrir TakedownFenrir 19150 Games
Fkital Errpokegem 18975 CA Games
Flames of hate Wolf Lord 7 18264 Games
flaminasian RoboTheHoobo 18240 Recreation US Games
fuelbizkit fuelbizkit 17518 US Games
Fable_Assassin Virtumonde 17450 Recreation Games
fenrir15 Spookycorgi302 17323 Games
FieryFangbanger FieryFangbanger 17115 US Games
Farceur Lord Farceur 17065 US Games
Ferb77 Ferb77 16932 US Games
ferci97 zpankyto 16786 MX Games
Freezing Dart Freezing Dart 16221 Games
fightknightHERO fightknightHERO 15853 Games
Footmarmoon Footmarmoon 14445 Games
Fatefulchaos Fatefulcha0s117 14195 Games
Fleiding Fleiding 14072 NL Games
foxthefox Barretwall 13934 CA Games
flipper2099 Another Riot 13743 US Games
free2793 K1LLA INSTINCTZ 13688 US Games
FR0STN FR0STN 13405 US Games
Flowerman23 JMserialeater 13390 Underground US Games
FettuciniMan FettuciniMan 13290 Games
Fenrir90 Fenrir90 13011 Underground US Games
Fingeman12 Illogical Orc 12765 Games
Fozzyz Fozzy4Life 12740 AU Games
fruscianterox Lob 0n 12389 Games
Fighting_Shadow buirley122 12209 Games
fancie78 Fancie78 11590 CA Games
final fantasy master metal4life87 11506 CA Games
FlashBack211 FlashBack211 11308 Games
fma_lvr fma lvr 10980 Games
Foamysquirl Jeremylulz 10790 US Games
FallenKing29 FallenKing29 10743 Games
FelixDeLaFuente FelixDeLaFuente 10740 Pro US Games
Fuzzyhead Smoke Wraith 10418 Games
Friend or Foe99 friend or foe99 10212 Games
falco635 XxTrU3SpArTaNxX 10050 US Games
FullZetsu FullZetsu 9770 US Games
Fevernova03 Fevernova03 9365 US Games
frostedfires frostedfirez 9265 Games
forty2degrees x42degrees 9073 Games
flicka13 beastmodebxtch 8965 Games
featured_mvp ExtraaRicePlz 8920 Games
furiousgeorge13 furiousgeorge13 8715 Games
fameseeker silentscope5585 8715 Underground Games
focusnozoom focusnoz00m 8675 Games
Fantom FantomBlade 8555 US Games
Final_Fayth FormulaAxe 8385 CA Games
Flawed Spirit Khazikane 8268 CA Games
Fusi0n Spectrum Assassin1006 8125 Games
franco06 Franco06 7979 UK Games
furnaps fishman furnaps 7779 US Games
felipelopez happy408 7730 Games
fanatic1123 ang3ldust 7515 US Games
free3keys Jman Squared 6885 US Games
FM_TRANSFER_MAESTRO Callum77 6810 UK Games
Forrest_Roberts Forrest Roberts 6565 US Games
Fah Q xX T0RMENT Xx 6300 Pro CA Games
fatdog53jr Elemental Core 6195 Games
fardin_cooldude Fardeen10 6030 Games
Fox the Sly Fox the Sly 5905 US Games
faUST777 Higginator11263 5540 US Games
Fallen Royalty Fallen Royalty 5425 CA Games
funkyphil101 ltteogeoj 5270 US Games
f14d83 f14d83 5177 Games
Foxtrot493 AcidJustice 5155 US Games
Fluroclad Dr3amCraft3r 5135 UK Games
FatedSky6005 FatedSky6005 4969 Games
Flash11 mikemanley17 4260 Games
Forte-Krystal armoredcore99 4231 Games
FourOneNine Just FeaRz 3970 US Games
Fifth Column Audiovoid 3855 Games
fdgh80 gaknoid 3816 Underground US Games
floorless floorless1 3780 Games
fireburn75 destinystar1 3743 Games
F Average F Average 3400 Games
Fishmo_mofish fishmo mofish 3230 UK Games
Fire97Dragon KELS DRAGON 3125 US Games
Frost Taylor0k 3110 US Games
Fallenzero923 fallenzero923 3055 Games
FACreate FACreate 3030 US Games
Foo945 K1ll Fr3nZy 666 2903 US Games
ferguson3783 ZRF325 2820 CA Games
FEFAN AerospaceShark 2685 Pro UK Games
Fm_Scotland08 w scotland w 2660 Pro Games
fabregas 360 Mainiaco 2235 Games
flatline006 flatline006 2040 Pro US Games
fifablob firefire97 2011 NL Games
FSC100 FredSC 1910 UK Games
Flair23 Flair23 1235 None Games
felix_the_champ EPICJellyJell 1135 US Games
freddy r1 freddy r1 562 US Games
Flame Phoenix FlamePhoenix89 560 US Games
Froakie TWISTERS44 560 Games
FN_Pryde FN Pryde 540 Games
faizanali1997 faizanali 475 Games
Fai Zekeiel 440 US Games
felixsz123 PS3 440 Games
Frenean iBlooba 435 Games
flamecommanderraven WonderYeti18072 375 Games
FTToasty w84moi 365 CA Games
Feenan Wounded Imortal 350 Pro US Games
feed feed240 275 Pro US Games
Fynn kendraleee 220 US Games
Fronkie13 Demon Possum 110 US Games
Fisch84 Fisch6892 100 Recreation Games
FisherB Two Sin 70 Underground Games
FusionWeapons FutureTactics 60 Underground US Games
FutureTactics FutureTactics 60 Underground US Games
FutureWeapon MKM1 25 Games