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Welcome to Neoseeker's Xbox Live Gamertag Index. This page lists all of Neoseeker's Xbox Live connected members, their Gamertags and their game list. This allows the Neoseeker community to hook up with each other online through the power of Xbox Live both quickly and painlessly.

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Username GamerTag Rep Score Location Links
V v Exorb 37255 Games
v Veyron v Veyron 27143 US, OH Games
VA1N VA1N 69740 US, MD Games
Vadar THExWIDOWxMAKER 13240 US, WA Games
Vader666 Mr Milhouz 4484 Games
vaderfan1 vaderfan1 36400 US Games
VaditMay VADIT 40845 US, NY Games
valathar1 valathar1 - Games
Valentin Seleznyov YesConsiderably 130736 Games
Valeriob xBri3 4115 Games
Valnac Dark Invid 14765 US, MI Games
valonbehrami21 gamberz2007 18648 UK, Essex Games
Valuepriced Valuepriced 6905 CA, AB Games
VAmpIR3 VAmp1R3 14562 Games
VampirellaLover VampirellaLover 1140 US, MO Games
vampiricdemon69 vampiricdemon69 67658 US, FL Games
VampiricPadraig VampiricPadraig 8004 IE Games
vanadar Klergy 2035 Games
vanayhay vanbrads 965 Games
vanillagigglez EmilyJParker 11515 UK Games
Vanoss Make U Say FFS 6055 Games
vardoom Rhizus 11865 Games
VarietyBlack VarietyBlack 1185 US, AZ Games
Various A Bunch o Green 23199 US Games
vArozoas TranQuilitY v7 2925 US Games
vash70448 vash 38703 US, TX Games
VaultBoy101 Neon Jester 1 21443 US, WA Games
Vector Volacide 10421 CA, BC Games
Veder XxABKxXGunpo 21210 US, FL Games
Veeger v33g3r 27477 UK, Norfolk Games
Veg VegyBS 9998 UK, South Glamorgan Games
Vegeta is a dog Hurry my Curry 3140 Games
VegetaDragon Dogmaster 2340 US, MS Games
Vegetazoid Masterofgaming1 310 DK Games
VeGiTAX2 VeGiTAX2 5421 US, CA Games
Velocity_Eleven Velocity Eleven 13916 Games
Venasaurlord Drizzlezz 30 US, FL Games
Vendetta Clay the Cold 10270 US, GA Games
Venom0420 Venom0420 42254 US, AZ Games
venom1993 PS2 - Games
VeNoMDoT669 VeNoMDoT669 1965 Games
VercettiEstate X HOKEY POKEY X 23880 US, TN Games
Verdant Bolt Laserman26 11200 US, IA Games
Verdugo_X2L I Dot50Cal I 26145 PT Games
Vergil360 lcabezas 8900 US, NY Games
vermontffl DemanVT 36117 Games
Versatile747 Versatile747 230708 Games
Versen Nemian Gallows 6665 US, LA Games
vertabre vertabre 18255 CA, ON Games
Vertigo88 MrSaturday 6464 Games
Vespher xVespherx 5880 Games
Vesspr Boston96 595 US, FL Games
Vex Vex3d 2323 US, MO Games
Vexcor iM Dizzzzzy 31555 Games
veyenoord veyenoord 27408 NL Games
vezorock mhf2 - Games
vgplayer405 vgplayah45 2790 US, NC Games
vhayste paul vhayste 42370 PH Games
VicariousShaner VicariousShaner 38112 US, NV Games
Vickb1987 Vickb1987 875 Games
Vicky_Bee VickyBee 1550 Games
VictoriaR531 prancingmeat 875 US, Tennessee Games
videogameking27 videogameking27 - US, WV Games
videogameumpire Comicmedusa0662 1245 NG Games
Vigor WereHippo 18167 US, CA Games
viicious XxbubblyquelxX 8160 US, MI Games
VilaAsh18 nightingale09 1975 US, AL Games
vilupan vilupan 29816 UK, Yorkshire Games
vinaysshenoy riderofsmaug 180 IN Games
VinBlake VinBlake 73157 BE Games
ViNcEnT ScOuT InDeLibLe GR - GR Games
vincentanakin vincent henrard 6090 ES Games
viper2593 Viper2593 22946 US, PA Games
VIPERKO toxiic Reap3r - US, WV Games
virgoleo81 Virgoleo81 - , California Games
ViscousSpike Xr3lliKX 835 US Games
Vivitar PsychicEddie 13887 UK, Merseyside Games
vixtro Vixtro 22690 UK, Hampshire Games
Vizaer Vizaer 30589 US, NY Games
vladspartan vladspartan 21792 BR, rs Games
VladTodd16 WEAPON REZ 10850 Games
VnV_Ecstasy DisgusterFace 61730 US, NJ Games
Vocaloid Belphegors 18778 Games
vodkaislife vodkaislife 59918 Games
Void_Android VoidAndroid 110 UK Games
volacide DEZVOUS 6010 Games
volacied DEZVOUS 6010 Games
volgin11 volgin11 105655 Games
Vollando HVBmachine 1620 IE Games
Vomiting Wolf Vomiting Wolf 12610 AU Games
Von-Creeping-Death metalmilitia16 35540 , The Undercroft Games
VonDrake VonDrake010 1048 Games
VonTreece VonTreece 645 Games
vorak BjjBrian 7455 US, TX Games
Vorios Razputine 39005 Games
VortexDragon BurningPhoeniks 19041 US, MI Games
vortexflamez Vortex xFlamez 8025 CA, ON Games
Voucher Hell Voucher 24585 US, WI Games
Voux System Block 24560 US Games

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