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Welcome to Neoseeker's Xbox Live Gamertag Index. This page lists all of Neoseeker's Xbox Live connected members, their Gamertags and their game list. This allows the Neoseeker community to hook up with each other online through the power of Xbox Live both quickly and painlessly.

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Username GamerTag Score Location Links
U_know_who ForchDesole 51156 US, FL Games
uak_squirrelpie UAK squirrelpie 2010 US, MO Games
uatemymonkey BloodShuntGear 60390 UK, Middlesex Games
Uchiha_Itachi22 Mythical Fenix - Games
UdaiTongpuTaxim EVIL 1337 74781 US, GA Games
udmasterG udmasterG 6645 US, NJ Games
UEdwards UEdwards 1380 , North Carolina Games
UEG Freak UEG Freak - Games
Ujean69 Cunnra - Games
UK_NeoN x ToXiK NuKeS x - Games
UKANLOS CivilDistress 980 US Games
Ukatox UkAtOx 9803 FR Games
ukscots ukscots 28129 US, OR Games
Ulkito5 cfifers11 27818 Games
Ultima Flare Destroyer8608 58860 UK, Kent Games
Ultima Wepon Shadefox96 16130 US, MI Games
Ultimaodin Ultimaodin 6850 AU, WA Games
Ultimate Shadow Robotkid1 580 US, CO Games
ultimate_zealot Ultimate Zeal0t 12310 Games
UltimateNinja22 UltimateNinja23 13680 Games
ultimateyoshi1up logan 36014 US, VA Games
Ultimega MorkroX 1350 US, IL Games
ultraleft4dead ultraleft4dead 16739 Games
Umbleon fe4rpanda 3960 Games
Umbrella_001 Bilkey999 - CA, ON Games
UmbreonFTW79 MrBa SpeedCola - Games
Umineko Kitty Mirr 2540 US, KY Games
umm dunno bobbydog69 2115 AU, TAS Games
UnbendingOrb88 UnbendingOrb88 735 Games
unbiasedcorn UnbiasedCorn - Games
UnCo DuNcO 21 UnCo DuNcO 21 47431 AU, VIC Games
uncookedgrub uncookedgrub - CA, ON Games
UncoveredSnake FaZe Temperr - Games
Undead Cricket Undead Cricket 4468 Games
UndeadVengence UndeadVengence 24593 Games
Underated Zacinto 1625 UK, Middlesex Games
UnequeaGvgvyui Unequea Guguyui 36485 US Games
uNero Neroxinn 28564 UK, Nottinghamshire Games
Unholy9 UnholyxShadow - US, CA Games
UnholyVisions WarriorLost 15950 US, NY Games
united4life Hargy3 7954 IE Games
Unknown Element ViralSix 15 US, NJ Games
UnlivingFuture UnlivingFuture 67570 CA, NB Games
Unpredictable v iPhaze v 554 Games
unreal1298 Af7erlifeX 8479 Games
UnreaLxx I BeNNoCiDE I 10748 US, AL Games
Unrivaled xaevrian 31707 , CT Games
Unseen Steal zx7pilot 23477 US, OH Games
Unstoppable_Luke AnarchyStocking 1620 CA, ON Games
Unza ulza 30810 Games
urahara454 Urahara454 6885 Games
UrbanJack3l UrbanJack3l 8408 Games
urbanmercenary23 foust81 - Games
US_Soldier jimmyjunior33 - US, GA Games
uskeeper14 TheNobleToaster - , Ohio Games
utep81 Bereal94 770 US, AZ Games
uther86 uther587 12607 US, NJ Games
utter solitude Total Solitude 1095 US, OH Games
Uzi Unmeant - Games