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Achievements To Be Unlocked

Animal party 0 comments Unlock all the animals.
Best hunter (40G) 0 comments Win your first multi player game
Better luck next time (20G) 0 comments Lose your first multi player game
Blind hunt (25G) 0 comments Hunt one animal from a blind
Call to arms (30G) 0 comments Hunt any animal by calling it to your location
Cats in the bag (30G) 0 comments Hunt every type of cat (Bobcat, Lynx,)
Competitive hunter (10G) 0 comments Play your first multi player game
Complete Hunter 0 comments Hunt 1 of each animal type
Don't just stand there, shoot. (20G) 0 comments Hunt 5 animals from a stand
Duck hunter (15G) 0 comments Hunt 10 ducks using a shotgun
Early fall hunter (30G) 0 comments Finish all missions from the early fall environment
Elk on the loose (10G) 0 comments Hunt 2 elk
Fall hunter (30G) 0 comments Finish all mission form the fall environment
Fashion victim (20G) 0 comments unlock all types of clothing
Firearms collection (30G) 0 comments unlock all firearms
Rabbit's foot (20G) 0 comments Kill 10 rabbits using any allowed firearm
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