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Oct 1, 16 12:58pm
Two proud parents with their little girls. BioShock2

Steam Community: BioShock 2. Two proud parents with their little girls.

News of a Bulletstorm remaster first began circulating at E3 when assets for the game were... posted Sep 29, 16 2:53pm

Destiny fans looking to try the game on their eventual GTX 1080Ti may get their wish. A new rumor... posted Sep 28, 16 12:00pm

Sep 25, 16 2:11pm
So getting trap rivets in a Protector Trial I naturally surround the Little Sister with them and earn an easy A+ rank. BioShock2

We've been used to using and Blizzard almost interchangeably over the last several... posted Sep 21, 16 1:58pm

If you don't like the BattleTag you chose however long ago, there's good news for you. A new... posted Sep 16, 16 12:45pm

The summer drought finally ended on a high note in August with a lineup of highly anticipated... posted Sep 16, 16 8:52am

The Children of Arkham are coming in just a few days. In true Telltale fashion, fans of the Dark... posted Sep 15, 16 11:13am

BATMAN - The Telltale Series has officially begun its first season, with episode one launching... posted Sep 2, 16 1:43pm

Two years ago, Lindsay Lohan and Karen Gravano sued both Take-Two and Rockstar over allegations... posted Sep 1, 16 12:51pm