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The NPD Group has released its monthly U.S. retail sales report for the gaming industry,... posted Yesterday

After what seemed like forever, South Park: The Stick of Truth finally released in 2014 after a... posted Yesterday

The man behind Bethesda Software's revivals of the classic Elder Scrolls and Fallout CRPG... posted Feb 05, 16 11:05am

We all knew it was coming, but the Force has awakened over at TT Games. Plans for TT's upcoming... posted Feb 02, 16 12:49pm

Jan 28, 16 2:07pm
How do u unlock hot coffee on san andreas GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas

When Mighty No. 9 was delayed last August due to various bugs and issues with the game's online... posted Jan 25, 16 10:02am

Jan 21, 16 9:51am
That awesome moment when you trigger enemy spawns and they get cut down by the turrets you already hacked. BioShock
Jan 16, 16 1:13pm
Having a security bot assist is nice, but that noise... BioShock

Call of Duty is the name of the game to beat if you want to be the best selling game franchise for... posted Jan 14, 16 5:32pm

The Christmas festivities have wound down but Call of Duty hasn't slowed down a bit. Activision's... posted Jan 14, 16 4:31pm

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