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Xbox 360 review
An amazing machine!

The good:

  • Xbox Live Dashboard is very deep and easy to use
  • Graphics and sound are awesome!
  • King of the Online play: period.
  • The best control I've ever used
  • Small and durable
  • Silent
  • Sleek and sexy!

    The bad:

  • The power brick and cords.
  • DVD-9 will be a problem in the future
  • The fact that the hard drive is detachable ruins it for those of us who have one
  • Why can't I play my Madden games with the BC?!


    You need to hand it to Microsoft. They came into the gaming world with no knowledge. Into a world ruled by Sony. And they almost went the way of the Dreamcast. However, thanks to Halo and some more better games, they hung in there. Now they are back, and better than ever! In almost every way, they fixed what was wrong with the Xbox and made the things that were good about it better. So how did they do? Find out.

    The console itself has a white base color, giving it a simplistic look that works. It is also much smaller than the original Xbox. Though the 360 is sexy and good looking enough to eat, there is one problem: the cords are freakin' huge! Ever heard of the "power brick"? The power brick is the power adapter for the 360 that has the size and actual weight of a brick. And not just the power cord but all the cords are freakin' huge. Though the 360 is indeed smaller, the cords get in the way a lot.

    However, the huge cords means that the system itself is great! Right? You bet your ass it is! The 360 comes with a 3 core processor, each working at 3.2Ghz. Top of the line people. Everything else is top of the line too: memory, graphics card, good amount of RAM. The works. The outcome? Beautiful graphics are produced and we have yet to reach the full potential of the 360. It's just warming up.

    What makes the 360 truly shine is what made it shine before: Xbox Live. You know how I said they fixed all the bad and improved the good? Well the Xbox Live has improved by a great amount. You can go to the marketplace and purchase downloads for your dashboard, you can download trailers and demos, and you can even buy games from the Arcade! Granted, these games are as huge as regular games, but they are just as good and fun to do when there are no games out right. All sorts of games can be purchased from old school games Gauntlet to brand spankin' new games like Geometry Wars (my favorite). However, there is more to it than that! Yes, there is. You know what I can do? I can watch Anchorman on DVD and chat with my friend, who is playing Call of Duty 2 at the moment. The list can go on what Xbox Live has and it is still expanding!

    Finally, there is the controller. If you remember the frankenstein of controls, you'll remember the first Xbox controller. That thing was uncomfortable, heavy, and big as hell, earning the title as worst controller ever. However, the 360 has changed and now has earned the title as the best controller ever! What did Microsoft do? They took the Type S controller, made it smaller, turned the Black and White buttons into two triggers, which get rid of the need to reach. It feels so very light and at the same time it feels so very stronger and sturdy. The wireless feature also gives you great control and eliminates cords for good. The battery life lasts a damn long time too. This controller rocks, hands down.

    So the Xbox 360 rocks. It excels in so many areas that the Xbox didn't. However, there are some negatives to this console. The decision to not use HD-DVD format makes game storage on disks smaller. Also, the decision to have the developers develop games on the fact that everyone may not has a hard drive kills it for the rest of us. Besides those things, the Xbox 360 is an awesome machine that is to not be passed up.

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