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This Rose Has Thorns


Rumble Roses is a wrestling game from Konami featuring an all female roster, which is a nice change of pace from the games that are typically male dominated, which if done right should appeal on its own. However, there are no pretences here. Even the game acknowledges the primary goal is to provide ample opportunities to glimpse T&A at every given moment. Which is a bit of a shame, because the at times overkill crudeness can smother what is otherwise an enjoyable if basic wrestling game.

Anyone looking for a serious complex simulation are obviously looking at the wrong place here. RR works o...


One of the best Guilty Pleasure games for the guys

The good:

Excellent graphics. Easy to pick up and play. Great soundtrack. Plenty of unlockable content. Mud wrestling matches! And best of all, all the wrestlers are hot girls! Unique face/heel personality system.

The bad:

Fairly shallow gameplay. Very limited variety of matches. Subpar voice acting.


One of the more unusual wrestling games out on any system, Rumble Roses sets itself apart from other games in one very notable way-it's all-female wrestling. This wrestling/fighting hybrid boasts over 20 total girls all competing for the title "Rose Of Roses" and to simply beat, submit, and humiliate the others into total submission.

The graphics are generally very good. The characters look awesome and animations are very smooth, not to mention they nicely display their...quantum physics while in action. The backgrounds are decent but the rather static crowd animations are a notable eyesore....

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